Deep Cleaning Apartment Within an Hour in Dubai

Cleaning a rented house in Dubai is not usually on the to-do list of many tenants. But cleaning a house should not take a lot of time, especially if it’s a small apartment.

At times, you may get unexpected guests at home and your apartment is untidy. Luckily, all you need is some tips and tricks for cleaning your apartment which will get the job done within an hour.

Start focusing on rooms that receive high foot traffic and stick to a few key chores which can get your apartment clean and tidy with a lot of time left on the clock. If you have a spouse, kid or a room partner at home who can help you with cleaning, you can get more cleaning done in less time.

Before you start cleaning your home, ensure you have the required items for it at your apartment. Items like dish soap, sponges, glass cleaner, an all-purpose cleaning spray, paper towels, foaming bathroom cleaner, and a vacuum. Usually, these items might be already in your apartment most of the time.

The Bathroom

The bathroom should be the first place of your home from where cleaning should start from. This is because the guests will be staying for a long duration at the home and will definitely use the washroom. Declutter tub ledge, toilet tank area, and sink. Spray the surface with a foaming cleanser and allow it to keep for some minutes while you do other chores.

Clean the bathroom mirror and chrome off it using a glass cleaner and wiping it. Once the rest of the apartment is cleaned, you can see the foam cleaner picked a good amount of bathroom stains which makes it easy for you to wipe it. Don’t forget to focus on areas like the sink, toilet seat and sink basin.

Make sure all the items in your bathroom such as towels, makeup items, electronics, toiletries are arranged nicely. Make sure to close the shower curtain before leaving.

Ensure that the bathroom is the first and last place you visit while cleaning your apartment. Pick up dust and stray hair which may have come on the floor using a small handheld vacuum. It takes about a minute to do so and makes your bathroom look a lot cleaner than you would think.

The Bedroom

Ensure to make the bed after you wake up in the morning. It is one of the most simple chores which makes your entire room a lot more tidier in general. Put all the clothes lying on the floor in the laundry as they have got the dirt from the floor.

Put all the dirty cutlery from the bedroom into the dishwasher or hand clean them and arrange them properly. Bedroom usually doesn’t require as much deep clean as kitchen and bathroom, especially when you have limited time.

The Kitchen

Put all the dirty dishes from different parts of the apartment in the kitchen and ensure they are arranged properly in the dishwasher and not visible when entering the kitchen. If the kitchen is dirty, it indicates that the tenant is messy and gives a bad impression about your living habits. Another trick to eliminate bad aroma is to put a peeled lemon in the trash can instead of discarding it.

Now take some disinfectant wipes or paper towels and all-purpose kitchen cleaner spray. Start wiping the tables and counters in the kitchen. This is important as guests may like to hang out around the kitchen area or may even dine in there. Kitchen tables are usually quite cluttered up and therefore it is important to declutter it and make sure all the items are put in the proper place.

The Living Room

Guests coming over usually spend a lot of time in the living room, so this area shouldn’t be overlooked at any cost. Declutter the items from furniture such as removing dirty cups from the coffee table or removing trash etc. After decluttering, vacuum the floor or mop it with a disposable cloth.

After that, start cleaning the furniture such as bookcases, tv stand, tables, etc. as a lot of dust is accumulated in these areas. Once everything is cleaned, ensure to arrange the items back in its place.

Note that the entry path is usually the prime spot where keys, bags, shoes, etc. are kept. This area has to be decluttered too.

Cleaning can be a boring and dull task but it doesn’t need to be. Play some upbeat music or your favorite playlist and don’t make this feel like a regular chore.

Deep Clean Your Dubai Home in 7 Days

Being in Dubai, it’s hard to find time to clean your home but you’ve made it certain that this time you will make sure to clean. Instead of overwhelming yourself and doing the entire cleaning in one go, this article will help you breakdown your deep cleaning process in 7 days.

Day 1, Kitchen:

A kitchen requires general daily cleaning after every meal. But deep cleaning includes the surface, cabinets, big appliances, etc. Here are certain things you need to do a deep clean:


Remove items from the fridge and clean the shelves one by one. If possible, remove the self and clean them with warm soapy water. Drawers are usually removable and therefore should be washed the same way as the removable shelves. Also, clean the small shelves inside the door. Pay special attention to the handles while cleaning the outside of the fridge.


Use special oven cleaners if you don’t own a self-cleaning oven. You may consider lining the bottom with aluminum foil for easy cleaning of standard ovens in the future.


Wash the removable trays with warm, soapy water for the best results. Use an all-purpose cleaner (if needed) to remove and scrub the microwave.

Small appliances: 

Remove all waste and dirt from appliances first. Then, wipe out the surfaces of all the small appliances.

Cabinets, shelves & drawers: 

Use an all-purpose cleaner with a damp rag and clean all the spills, splatters and remove spots from there. You may also involve kids if needed for this activity.


Use an all-purpose cleaner to clean the counter-taps. Ensure to remove everything from the countertop and then only wipe it down.

Day 2, Bathroom:

Bathrooms need to be cleaned on a regular basis else it will become untidy quickly. The most common areas where you will need special attention would be tub & shower. Follow the below steps to deep clean your bathroom:


Remove and wash shower caddy if you have it in your bathroom. You may even need to replace it. Use an old toothbrush and bathroom cleaner to clean the showerhead, like Soft Scrub. You can also use heavy-duty cleaners to remove soap scum build-up or removing stains. In order to clean tub jets and other areas that are hard to reach and clean, use an old toothbrush.

Sinks and counter-tops: 

Remove everything from the counter and sink with a bathroom cleaner. Scrub the dirt near the drains and faucets using a toothbrush.


Put some cleaner in the toilet and spread around using a toilet brush. Leave it to soak for a while to remove stains.

Cabinets and drawers: 

Clean it with an all-purpose cleaner.

Day 3, Bathroom

Declutter your bedroom first and then follow the below steps to clean the bedroom:

  • Use the vacuum cleaner with attachments to remove dust from the furniture.
  • Use little glass cleaner to clean the glasses.
  • Wipe & clean the headboards, bedposts & footboards.


Day 4, Clean Curtains & Blinds

A vacuum cleaner can be used to clean drapes and blinds on a day-to-day basis. But if a lot of dirt is accumulated, Here’s how you can it:

  • Drapes have to be washed in the laundry.
  • A damp cloth should be used to clean blinds.
  • Remember to wipe the window sills.
  • Use a high-quality glass cleaner to clean windows.

Day 5, Clean Lights & Fans

Ceiling fans and light fixtures accumulate a lot of dust and regular dusting is not enough. Here are some ways you can clean them:

  • Wipe the dust from fans and high light fixtures by using a ladder. Be very careful while wiping them.
  • Use a lightly damped microfiber cloth or rag to clean it.
  • If there is a lot of dirt accumulated in the lights, you may need to take it down and wash it.

Day 6, Cleaning Floors

Even after regular cleaning, you may notice build-up around the edges and corners of the floor. Here are some tips for cleaning the floor:

  • To clean the areas which are difficult to reach, you a vacuum cleaner attachment or a broomstick.
  • Use a small amount of cleaner mixed with warm water and damp the mop with it.
  • Wipe down baseboards while you are cleaning the edges of the floor.

Your home is now clean and hygienic. But you need to maintain this else the dirt & dust will get accumulated again. If you can’t commit to frequent deep cleaning, not to worry! We provide deep cleaning service all across Dubai with our professional and highly qualifies staff members so that you can sit & relax on your off days.


How to Deep Clean Your Home

Deep cleaning your home is one of the best ways to maintain your space hygienic and healthy. This is different from regular laundering, washing dishes as there are places like sinks, floor grouting which may not be cleaned in our regular cleaning.

This article will guide you on how to deep clean each area of your home:


Spray your tub with a multi-purpose cleaner in order to soak it for some time and loosen up any soap and oil which has been collected. Repeat the same procedure for toilet bowls & sinks. This will make scrubbing very easy when you come back later on.

Wipe mirrors, lights, and windows carefully. Take the extra time to clean out properly which has made it around the corners and edges of the bathroom. Remove dust, grime which has built up by removing items down with the light amount of vinegar on a damp rag.

Start cleaning the sinks and floor grout. Over time, these spaces get filled up with dirt. Clear the cobwebs formed under the sink and discard the items which you may require from there. For grouting, you can make cleansing at your home with vinegar, baking soda, and water. Spray down the grout with vinegar and water mixed solution until the area is saturated. Leave it for a few minutes and then scrub with a bristle brush and then rinse it. Mix baking soda with water and apply it to the grout using a brush. Spray it with water and vinegar. Rinse the grout with warm water once brushing is done.


Clean the kitchen cabinets with a damp rag. Gently clean the dust or dirt from the inside and outside of the cabinet doors and from the cabinet sides as well. Dip your cloth in undiluted vinegar to remove grease. Rinse it in warm water to remove the vinegar. Some cabinets might start swelling if they have too much moisture. Ensure to always ring out your rag before wiping the wood and dry the surface as soon as possible with a paper towel after cleaning.

Remove everything from the fridge and the freezer. Then, start removing the food debris from the top to bottom. Check the expiry date of the products and discard the ones which are already expired. Don’t forget to clean the front side of the fridge and freezer and disinfecting the door handles.

Scrub your basin with a disinfectant or bleach solution to kill the bacteria from your kitchen sink. Your sink basin collects all the germs from food.

Living Room

Vacuum the spaces underneath the chairs & sofas after removing the cushions. Vacuum the nooks and crannies as crumbs or dust might be settled in those places. Check those areas after vacuuming them if any crumbs are left out.

Remove all the items from bookshelves or coffee tables to clean the entire surface with a dust rag and then polish the furniture with a wood cleaner or a polish. Rub walnut or use a stain pen to fix the scratches on the wooden furniture.

Use a vacuum cleaner attachment or a telescoping pole to reach high ceilings and corners to clean it. Remove the curtains and put them in the laundry to clean them. Clean the windows using a glass cleaner and do not forget to disinfect the door handles of the windows.

Wipe or brush all the dust from the corners of pictures, frames, clocks and other decoration items hung on the wall. Time for this activity depends on how many decorative pieces you have in the living room. More items mean more time it will take to complete this task.


Wash all the items on the bed such as bed skirts, shams, duvet covers, and bedsheets. Take the items to the dry cleaner or a laundry mat if they are too big to fit in your washing machine. Also, don’t forget to clean the pillows.

Flip the mattress or rotate the pillow top to prevent grooves from forming because of sleeping on the same spot for a long duration. Spread baking soda and leave it for 45 minutes to an hour and follow it up by vacuuming it.

Mop or vacuum beneath the furniture, including under the bed and behind the dressers. Pay special attention to corners or baseboards as dirt is mostly accumulated in these spots.

Deep cleaning is a time-consuming process. We provide deep cleaning services all across Abu Dhabi so that you can relax and let us do the work for you. Book your appointment now and let the magic begin!

How to Get Your Sofa Clean at Home in Dubai

Most homes in Dubai do have fabric sofas kept in the living room which are used by members of the home or by a guest. Over a period of time, they get stained, dirt gets filled in and therefore they become dirty. Due to the hectic lifestyle, sofa cleaning may not be a top priority for Dubai residents but it’s necessary to do a deep cleaning of your sofa once in a while. Sofa goes through a lot of wear and tear but with proper cleaning technique and degree of care, it can last as long as any other material.

Your sofa has a collection of not only dirt, dust but also of our body fluids, skin cells, leftover pieces of snacks, etc. That’s one of the main reasons why sofa cleaning can’t be ignored for a long time. If your sofa is used quite frequently by the people at your home, then becomes necessary to clean it once every couple of months to maintain its quality and ensuring a hygienic environment.

Sofa cleaning may seem like an overwhelming task but it could be quite easy in reality. This guide will help you on how to clean the sofa like a professional.

Cleaning Codes:

Before you start cleaning the sofa, each sofa will come with a tag on which there will be some codes written on it. These are to identify the type of material your sofa is and how you can clean it.

W – Water-based detergent can be used to clean.

S – Dry clean with a water-free solvent.

WS – Dry clean with a water-free or water-based solvent or both can be used.

X – Can not be cleaned with water or a solvent. Only soft brushing or vacuum is applicable.

Vacuum Cleaning:

Vacuum your sofa to remove all the loose dirt from and below the surface. Use a brush attachment gently and remove the dirt without scratching the material. Remove the cushions and ensure to remove the dirt from below & surface of the cushions.

Surface Clean:

Remove cushions and gently brush the nooks and crannies of the sofa to get rid of dirt, leftover crumbs and garbage which is stuck in there. You may also use a white towel to rub the spots or stains in order to break them apart and clean them. Use only a white towel and not any other color of the material as it may switch the color of your sofa.

Removing Stains

Mix a teaspoon of washing liquid, white vinegar, baking soda, and warm water. This cleansing solution will work well to remove stains easily. Apply this mixture first on a small portion to see if it doesn’t discolor any part of the sofa. This mixture also helps to remove tough stains without much of an effort.

Removing Odor:

After removing stains and crumbs, you need to remove the bad odor coming from your sofa. Baking soda is one of the best solutions for this. Sprinkle baking soda over the couch and leave it as it is. Vacuum the sofa after 20 minutes of sprinkling baking soda. If this doesn’t work well, mix baking soda with a dry carpet cleaner and apply it on the sofa. Leave it for 20 minutes and your couch will fresh new.

Lint Roller:

You can also use a lint roller to remove hair or dust from the fabric sofa. This works well for a sofa for a light quantity of de-linting.

Leather + Soap:

If you have a leather sofa, the best would be to use leather-based cleaning soap mixed with conditioner. You can use a slightly damped, clean rag to remove stains from a leather sofa. Leather sofas shouldn’t be cleaned with other regular liquid detergents.


Sofa made out of cloth can be cleaned with water-based cleaner and steam to loosen up stains and dust. Plugin you iron, put it at steam setting and then move it around the sofa, wave it to and fro through tough stains. Once the stains are loosened up, you can repeat steps under ‘Removing Stains’.

Spot Clean:

Make sure to check the cleaning codes before spot cleaning your sofa. It is always best to try the cleaning solution on a small portion before applying all over the sofa. Blotting is the most common practice when it comes to spot cleaning. Some stains are quite tough and you may need to clean them twice or thrice before they go away. Let your spot dry and start repeating the process.

Step by Step Guide on Persian Carpet/Rugs Cleaning

A Persian rug is usually made of heavy textiles such as wool, cotton or silk and primarily used for symbolic purposes. One of the most important aspects of home or office decor is the use of rugs. Persian rugs especially ads color, character and beauty to the environment.

Persian rugs come in a variety of design, color and material combinations which creates the perfect vibe for any type of room. Taking care of the rug is equally important as well. In order to maintain their quality and color for a long time, they have to be regularly cleaned.

Cleaning the rug is not quite difficult if you know how to get it done. It might be slightly time-consuming but it is necessary to maintain its quality so that it can be used for a longer time. This article will give you step-by-step tips on how to clean your rug.

How often should you clean your Persian Carpet/Rug?

Once a year deep rug cleaning is recommended if the rug is not heavily used. If there is a high foot traffic area, then it’s recommended to clean once every six months to maintain its quality.

Here’s how you can know whether your rug needs cleaning or not: Place your hand on the rug for about 10-30 seconds and if a lot of dust flies off the rug, it’s time to give your rug clean.

Cleaning your Persian rug at home

Don’t start cleaning your rugs unless you have checked the manufacturer’s instructions. Carefully check them and then only start the cleaning process. Start by vacuuming the rug to let the loose particles out and then clean it with cold water and a very gentle detergent.

Let it dry naturally and ensure it’s not in contact with sunlight directly. Below mentioned are specific steps on how to further deep clean your rug. These steps are for Persian rug made out of wool and not for silk fabric rugs.

Step 1: Remove the loose particles

Vacuum the Persian rug in order to remove the loose dirt from the top of it. Use the suction hand attachment only to remove the dirt from the rug. Flip and thoroughly vacuum the entire rug. This step should be done at least once a month in order to reduce the amount of dirt which gets collected within the fibers of the rug. Regular cleaning helps less dirt to be collected and becomes easy to vacuum it frequently.

Step 2: Don’t vacuum the fringes of Persian rug

Don’t vacuum any fringes on the edges of your rug. If you start vacuuming them, they will get damaged by the bristles of the vacuum, creating stress on the fiber and could possibly break them as the vacuum sucks all of it up inside the machine.

Best would be just to tuck them and leave them under the rug. If by mistake fringes are caught on the vacuum, quickly turn it off and manually remove the fringe to avoid further damage with extreme care.

Step 3: Dust the rug

Use a broom or mop handle to gently beat the rug to dust it off the dirt. Either wear a mask or do the dusting outside of the home as it will emit a lot of dust.

Step 4: Vacuum the rug again

Vacuum the rug again to remove dirt which has loosened up after dusting the rug.

Step 5: Clean the area

Remove the dirt and dust from the place where you are cleaning the rug. Make sure to place the rug on a slope so that the water isn’t pooled.

Step 6: Wet the rug

Put the rug facing down on the reverse side facing up. Check the direction of the pile and use cold running water to soak the rug. Soak the rug evenly and thoroughly.

Step 7: Shampoo the rug

Fill 3 – 5 gallons of water in a bucket. Add mild liquid detergent as you see fit and mix it. Test a small area before applying on the entire rug. Start scrubbing the rug but don’t scrub too hard. Scrub up, down, back and forth. Repeat if needed.

Step 8: Rinse, flip & repeat

Ensure no detergent is left on the rug. Then flip it over and repeat the process.

Step 9: Dry the rug

Once all the suds are gone, the rug is clean. Squeeze the rug to remove excess water. Put dry towels on the rug and start walking or stomping on it slowly. Hang the rug on an air dryer and use a fan to dry it faster. Don’t leave the rug under direct sunlight for too long. After drying, vacuum again to remove stiffness.

3 Reasons To Hire Professional Maid Cleaning Service

Quite a good number of people share the opinion that cleaning their homes is a very tedious job to handle, coupled with other challenging tasks they have to undertake daily. That, to a large extent, is true. Most times, people want to get help by hiring maid cleaning services to handle their cleaning for them but are not convinced that they will benefit from it. If you happen to fall in that category, this article is undoubtedly for you; here are some top factual reason why you should allow professionals to handle your home cleaning

They are better experienced
Probably you might be able to do your cleaning very well and to your preference. Cleaning your home by yourself is a good thing to do. But on the flip side, there is a higher margin for error when compared to hiring professional maid cleaning services to handle the job for you. Just like the way you show a high level of expertise at work, it is the way they show theirs.
Due to the long hours spent at work, they have perfected their art when it comes to cleaning. Being experts in their field, they have the skills and required training to give you the very best results. So, if you’ve never been convinced about hiring professional maid cleaning services, this is the first thing you should consider.

It provides more convenience
One of the most important tasks you have to undertake is house cleaning. It is unavoidable because no one wants to live in a dirty environment. You will always feel at home when you return from work to meet a house cleaned by professionals; this brings a sense of refuge. You can freely carry out this task on your own, but have you considered how convenient it will be for you to hire someone to handle the job for you?

With this, you can get to spend time on more important things like family and your office job. It also affords you the time to see a movie with a friend or do some shopping or have a coffee date, or you can also read a novel. Everyone deserves to have some free time to spend on oneself or with loved ones. Achieving this wouldn’t be much of a job if you can slash out house cleaning and outsource it to maid cleaning services.

If you have an office space, keeping it sanitized means your staff will be less likely to fall sick. Workplace productivity will be high and this contributes to a healthy environment.

All our services are affordable and will not take a toll on your finances. Being a professional means providing you with optimal results so that you can benefit from the best.

They exhibit professionalism
Professional maid cleaners always work with the right machinery; these types of machines aren’t the ones you deem essential to buy. Not only do they have the machines, but they also know how to use them to produce outstanding cleaning results. In other words, they know how to use each tool and product correctly for every surface. Even the toughest dirt cannot withstand the products and methods they apply.

During cleaning, most times, you only pay attention to the surface regions like bathroom floors, sinks, and countertops. These professionals behave differently; they have a high-affinity for paying attention to details. Minor regions like your doorknob, light switch, waste bin, picture frames, etc. are not left out. The maid cleaning services make sure they wipe all of them to make your home spick and span.

A professional maid also means that you have a sense of security regarding your belongings. If you hire a cleaner who is not associated with a company, they might pose a risk to the security of your various important belongings.

Having gone through the above article, you should be convinced that hiring the services of professional cleaners is what you need. Go ahead and do that, your home deserves nothing but an amazing clean up of your home!

Regular quality checks and preventive maintenance is conducted if necessary. We have thousands of happy clients in Dubai and are still growing because of our reputation within the industry.
We offer you a wide range of cleaning services with professionally trained experts. Whether you need a regular or occasional service, we can render you a high standard cleaning service. You can contact us and we are ready to give you the best cleaning services in Dubai.

Step-By-Step Guide on Cleaning Mattress

A clean and tidy mattress helps you sleep better at night and gives peace of mind knowing that there are no insects or bugs on it.

Launder your linens and remove everything on the bed before you start cleaning the mattress. Check the manufacturer’s labels and put your linens in the hottest setting in order to kill dust mites. While your washing machine is spinning and doing its thing, you can start cleaning the mattress.

Follow the steps below to deep clean your mattress and get rid of dust mites, stains, and other allergens so that you can rest and sleep peacefully:

1. Vacuum Cleaning:

A vacuum cleaner is the best tool for cleaning your mattress. Start cleaning from the top and clean it all the way down including the narrow paths.

Vacuum the sides in the same manner. Do not clean the other side of the mattress just yet.

2. Deodorize the Mattress:

We may not notice our personal body smells but sweat develops over a period of time in our body and can leave behind a bad odor. A good cleaning leaves your bed smelling fresh.

To leave a good odor behind, sprinkle your mattress with baking soda and rub it gently with a scrub brush. This is done so that the baking soda goes into the fabric, where the stink is coming from. Let the baking soda settle for 10 minutes before moving on to the next step.

3. Vacuum it Again

Dust and hair were removed from the first round of vacuuming in order to settle the baking soda on the mattress surface. Moisture and body oils from the top layers have bonded with baking soda on the mattress as it was rubbed on it.

Using the vacuum cleaner again will pull the moisture out and remove the source of the odor.

4. Remove Stains

Usually, mattresses acquire three particular types of stains: blood, urine and “other bodily fluids”.

Even if the stains have been on the mattress for long periods, they can be still be removed. Although, it’s recommended that stains are removed as soon as they are spotted.

Dried Blood Stains

Do the following to remove dried blood stains:

Ingredients: ¼ cup hydrogen peroxide (more might be required), 1 tbsp liquid dish soap,1 tbsp table salt

Combine all the ingredients to make it into a paste.
Spread the paste lightly on the stain and leave it to dry.
Remove the residue left from the paste.
Dab away the remaining stain and paste it with a white rag* dipped into hydrogen. Rotate the cloth as the stain gets removed.

*White rag for cleaning stops dye moving from the fabric to mattress.

Urine Stains

If you have kids and pets at home, they can make a mess on the mattress. Removing urine stains is quite hard once they are dried but not impossible. Here are the steps to remove urine stains.

Step 1: Urine Stain Pre-Treatment

Ingredients: 3 tbsp. baking soda, 8 oz. hydrogen peroxide 3%, little liquid dish soap


Mix all the ingredients mentioned above and gently dab it on the stain using a white rag. (explanation is given above)
Don’t drench the mattress.

Step 2: Urine Stain Remover

Usually, the pre-treatment will remove the urine stain from the mattress. If the stain doesn’t go away, do the following:

Ingredients: 3 tbsp. dry laundry detergent powder and 1 tablespoon water


Mix and whisk the detergent and water to make it into a dry foam.
Spread it on the stain lightly and let it settle for 30 minutes.
Remove the dried paste with a spoon.
Use a white cloth dipped into hydrogen peroxide to remove any persistent bits of paste.
Vacuum the area well once it dries off.
Vomit and Other Persistent Mattress Stains

CAUTION: Keep the windows open before you start cleaning mattress stains with this method.

Ingredients: Plain and unscented household ammonia and baking soda


Damp the corner of a white rag lightly with ammonia.
Blot the stain using the damp corner. Don’t drench the mattress.
Use a different cloth and damp it with the fresh water to remove the stain. If you still see the stain, wait for 5 minutes and try again.
Once the stain has vanished, wipe the entire area with the clean cloth dampened in fresh water.
Sprinkle the damp area with baking soda to neutralize the ammonia and remove all the remaining moisture. Let it dry off and then thoroughly clean the spot using the vacuum cleaner.

5. Flip The Mattress & Repeat

Flip the mattress and repeat the entire cleaning process. Make sure sides, top and bottom all are cleaned thoroughly so that they are cleaned evenly.

Steps to Deep Clean Your Sofa with Homemade Cleaner

You will get to know how to make homemade sofa cleaner, which cleaners are safe for your sofa and how you can get rid of tough pet stains from your sofa.

It is obvious you try to avoid many chemical cleaners that are harmful especially when you have children, pets and people with allergies at home. You would want to know if the cleaners you use are safe for your family at the same time you also need to ensure that they will do the job perfectly.

Many people underestimate the power of homemade sofa cleaner. You should not hesitate about a homemade cleaner because it is safe, and it gives the same output as the chemical cleaners. There is a lack of understanding of the cleaning instructions for each variant of the sofa. You tend to put the risk of ruining an expensive piece of sofa. So, we have done some research and testing that we are now ready to share with you our new learning.

How to Clean Sofa – know the precautions
You cannot avoid reading the manuals. Before you apply any cleaner to your furniture you need to understand the recommendations mentioned by the manufacturer of the sofa. No matter how different the sofa materials are, this saves the fabric materials. You need not blindly believe in the branded high-priced chemicals that are sold in the stores, all you need is to understand which cleaners are safe for your furniture, then choose the best and make a recipe.

You got to understand the cleaning codes if you are going to choose the cleaners yourself. If the description contains a “W”, like SW, W, WS, and WW, it means it can be safely cleaned with water-based cleaning agents hence it will be safe to use with all the water-based cleaners listed here in this article.

Before you even start to clean your sofa, do a patch test. Choose a spot on your furniture that is on the side facing the wall or not seen much as it could be on the underside of the sofa, or maybe in the hem or on the back of the sofa. This a precaution just in case your cleaner fails and the spot test and causes a stain, you can avoid ruining your sofa by a mistake.

Apply a small portion of the cleaner and follow the instructions for cleaning the area. Give it some time to dry and check for stains.

Sofa Deep Cleaning and Shampooing Service Near Me in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

The Best Homemade Sofa Cleaner
One of the best homemade sofa cleaners, especially for spot cleaning, is soap foam.

You can make the foam by mixing six tablespoons of soap flakes and 2 cups of boiling water. Let the mixture cool until it forms a gel, then stir it with a mixer or immersion blender until enough foam is formed.

Simple Way to Clean Sofa

Apply the foam with a cloth or brush, scrubbing the sofa to lift the stain. Wipe the foam off the sofa with a damp, not wet, cloth. You will need to remove the soap without soaking the fabric of the sofa.

Take six tablespoons of soap flakes
2 cups of boiling water

Best Sofa Cleaner for Cat Urine
Half a cup of water
Two and a half tablespoons of Vinegar
Stains from pet urine and its odor can quickly spoil your sofa. With proper cleaning, it can be rescued from damage. You have two important goals to be taken care of while cleaning pet urine on the sofa.

Step 1: it is important to soak up the urine without driving the urine into the cushions or the materials below the fabric. You may regret if the urine soaks into the stuffing below the fabric, because you may never get it out.
Step 2: Immediately, you ought to get the urine out of the fabric. It is simple, just use a paper towel to absorb the moisture. Dab and do not rub because it can spread the stain. You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove the liquid before it can soak in.

Mix the above-mentioned quantity of water and vinegar. Use it sparingly to dab at the stain, just enough to dampen it, then lifting the moisture with a dry cloth.
Repeat the dabbing and drying until the stain is gone. Adding a little oil to the water and vinegar mixture will create a polish, as well.
Did you know the benefits of baking soda in cleaning the sofa? Cat urine is acidic and can ruin the fabric just sprinkle some baking soda on it. It neutralizes the acid and deodorizes the fabric. This is a natural furniture freshener that works wonders. After using the baking powder don’t forget to use the vacuum cleaner. Repeat the entire procedure if any stain or smell remains comes from it.

Effective Ways To Keep Your Couch Clean

Does your couch look old and dirty? Now you are thinking of throwing it away? Stop!
It may contain dust, dirt or pet hair, even if the couch has no obvious defects or stains.

We will help you remove visible stains by 95 percent. Now you can refresh the look of your couch and other furniture.

Couch cleaning can be a bit tricky at times. It is not an easy job to undertake. If you could throw your couch into a washing machine or wipe it down using a wet cloth, it would have been a bit easier. But things are not done that way. It means that cleaning up that coffee stain could be devastating even if you rush to take care of the couch cleaning immediately.

We often try as much as we can to avoid spillage so that we don’t have to get stressed out. Surely you can be successful with that, but there could be some wear and tear on the couch before you put cleaning into consideration. Does your couch have some mysterious stains or looks dirty on the crevices and surface? Probably it might be pet hair or food crumbs?

You should consider cleaning it up now. This article is here to show you how.

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Vacuum Cleaning
In couch cleaning, this is the first step you should take. You should utilize a hand-held vacuum cleaner to remove debris or dirt from the surface of the couch before scrubbing it. Vacuum cleaners come with extra tools that give you easy access to the dirty crevices on your couch. Ensure you pay attention to the cracks where food crumbs, dirt, and pet hair tend to accumulate.
You can also try to separate the couch if possible so that you can clean both sides properly. If pet hairs are much, it is recommended that you make use of a lint roller to get rid of the hair that the vacuum cleaner could not reach. If you make use of the vacuum cleaner, identifying and focusing on difficult stains will be an easy job for you.

Wiping Down
This step is for the parts of your couch that are not made of fabric, leather or synthetic materials. When your couch has parts that are made of wood or metal, these parts should be wiped with a clean cloth, soap, and warm water.
Ensure to check and follow the manufacturer’s instructions
The manufacturer of the cleaning solvent always leaves essential instructions on how to use their products. The information depends on the type of material your couch is crafted with. This information comes in the form of codes, so you have to take a look at the label on your couch to find out the method to employ in couch cleaning. Below is how to decipher the codes
W – Make use of water-based detergent in cleaning the couch
S – Apply dry clean detergents only
WS – Apply dry clean or water-based detergents
O – Wash with cold water
X – Apply vacuum cleaning only, no water. Preferably leave the cleaning to a professional

Stain removal
This is the most challenging part of the whole couch cleaning process. Cleaning those ugly stains could be hard. You can easily go to a shop and grab some couch cleaning tools, but you must also know that there are easy and cheap home hacks you can use to give your couch a new look
Fabric material: Mix ¼ cup of vinegar, ¾ cups of water and a tablespoon full of dish soap. Apply the solution and scrub until you remove the stain. Use a clean cloth to dry that spot.
Leather material: Mix ½ cup of olive oil with ½ cup of vinegar. Spray the solution on dirty spots and rub it clean. Use a different cloth to dry.
Synthetic material: Mix ½ cup of vinegar with a cup of warm water, add ½ of a tablespoon full of dish soap. Spray unclean spots, scrub and clean with a dry cloth.

Odor Removal
Baking soda is the best bet for this; it helps in cleaning and eliminates odor as well. It is effective for leather and fabric materials. Sprinkle the baking soda on the couch and leave for 20 minutes. Use the vacuum cleaner to remove it, and the odor will be no more.

Final Thoughts
Couch cleaning will be fruitful when you are able to clean up all the stains and remove the odor. Try out these steps today, and you will be glad you did.

How To Get Stains Out of the Carpet

Has it ever happened to you that you got one small stain on your beautiful carpet and it annoys you? Well, you are not alone as many people feel the same way. Getting rid of stains from the carpet can be a hassle if you aren’t of where to start the cleaning process.

This article will help you to get rid of particular kinds of stains with a step-by-step procedure.

Removing Drink Stains

Usually while watching TV or doing work in your living room, you might be having a drink and by mistake, you might have spilled it. On top of that, if you have white carpet, the stain is clearly visible. Need not worry, here is how you can get rid of it:

Gently blot the stain with a dry white towel. Do not rub the stain because it will become difficult to remove stains from the carpet entirely and may lead to saturation of the carpet pad.

Mix white vinegar, dish soap, and water in a spray bottle. Use 1tbsp of dish soap, ¼ cup of white vinegar and fill it with water. Start spraying in the entire stained area and let it soak for 5-10 minutes. Blot the area with a clean, dry towel until the stain is removed.

You can also use other specialized carpet cleaning detergents to remove the stains. By using vacuum cleaners, spraying cleaning detergents loosely in the stained area. If the stain still doesn’t go away, use vinegar in a spray bottle along with the cleaning detergents until the stain vanishes. Make sure to test the cleaning detergents on a small area of carpet for an unexpected negative reaction.

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Removing Pet Stains

Having a pet keeps many people happy and gives them a purpose to come home after a tiring day. But pets can create a mess and it can be a gruesome task to clean it. But there are ways and methods to get rid of the messy stains entirely and the odor. Here is a step-by-step procedure on getting rid of pet stains:

Clean up the mess first and if there’s any debris leftover, remove it with gloves and dispose of it. Blot it to soak up the moisture if it’s still wet without rubbing it. Blot it until the carpet is almost dried to touch and the stain is removed.

In case the stain has already dried, the best way to treat it this type of stain will be to moisten it. Apply a carpet cleaning detergent specifically made for pet stains.

To remove the odor and spot, you may need to try a couple of different treatments. Mix ¼ cup vinegar with a quart of warm water and spray it on the stain. Allow the stain to soak for several minutes and then blot it until the spot is dry and the stain is gone.

Another way to get rid of the pet stains on the carpet is to mix water with a stain-fighting detergent in a spray bottle and then spray it on the spot. Allow this mixture to soak for a couple of minutes then blot and rinse with warm water and repeat the procedure if necessary.

Removing Coffee Stains

Who doesn’t like to have their dose of caffeine in their living room while relaxing? But if and when it gets spilled, then your day is ruined. Here are some simple steps to remove coffee stains from the carpet:

Blot and dry the stained spot with a white towel. Ensure to not spread the stain by changing cloths as they become more saturated with the spilled beverage.

Apply a mixture of vinegar, water, and a gentle non-bleach detergent by using the spritzer method. Rinse and repeat the procedure.

There are several products that are sold in retail stores that sell specific cleaning detergent for beverage stains on the carpet. Ensure to perform a test on a small patch before using it on the actual stained spot to avoid any further damage. Use as directed and beware of some chemicals which may be harmful to your skin. Wear gloves as a precaution while cleaning such stains.

On a certain type of carpets (ex: carpets made of Polypropylene) which will react safely to a combination of water and bleach. Prepare a mixture ¼ cup of bleach to a cup and ¼ water in a spray bottle. Soak it with the mixture. Blot and rinse with the warm water. Keep repeating the process until the stain disappears completely.