About Us

Trusted And Well-Reputed Maid Services in Abu Dhabi & Dubai

Finding trusted and experienced maids in Abu Dhabi who understand English and work according to your order is the hardest thing. As a professional provider of cleaning services, Maids on Demand has the solution to this problem. We have reliable and well-screened in house cleaning staff that works under our company and delivers top of the line services to ensure client satisfaction.

The Most Extensive Range of Maid Services In Abu Dhabi

Ever since our inception, our team has strived hard to deliver world class services to every single client. As part of our commitment to fulfill the needs of all our customers, we offer a wide array of services for them to choose from. No matter what it is that you are interested in, be it carpet cleaning, mattress cleaning or even curtain cleaning, the one thing that you can be assured of is that we've got you covered.

Cleaning & House Maid Services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi - About Us

Secure & trustworthy

Well screened staffs

English speaking

Experienced staffs

Inhouse team

Our mission

With a focus on customers, we aspire to provide professional services which are affordable and trustworthy by all means. Our team delivers cleaning, deep cleaning and maid services throughout multiple locations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Our background

Building over the trust and the required understanding with our customers, our young and vibrant cleaning service representatives create a relationship of trust. They ensure all your needs are taken care of with responsibility and within the schedule. Our cleaning services are aimed towards the convenience and experience that is hassle-free.

Our approach

Simplicity, this is how we define our approach towards the customer. Whether it be the processes or the structure, by every means, our simplicity in logics reach through our organisation to our clients. We understand, this is why we present all the associated core issues distilled under our management operations.

Our teams supports our approach with the right blend of innovation and the creative flow which is hard to find in the advice around. We know and understand that no 2 concerns and 2 solutions can be the same, therefore we make sure that every aspect of our business is presented to us by the clients in order for it to fit into the new creative blend which comes along from our group.

Working with our team will dig in some challenging questions, we do so to reach a quick solution fit for you. Co-Ordination will bring some high-end solutions which are, on the clock, measuring every single effort made.

As we know, our client’s trust makes us better than we were before and this is what helps us enhance the facility provided and get a reputation which we hold in the market. It is our service, which makes our clients business, run with a competitive cost, an effective, day-to-day business. Our teams assure simplicity, this is a value we are famous for and relied on. We make sure every cleaning requirement is satisfied in a timely manner, without a delay.


Our cleaning services specialize in offering the right commercial cleaning services. We are amongst the top 10 contractors in UAE, offering service in and around the Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Educational Establishments, Preschools and daycares

With years of experience in the field of Educational establishments, Preschools and day-care, we offer our cleaning services to keep the internal areas sanitary without harm to the people.

Local Authorities

Authorities trusts us. We present them with our services that are one among the trusted ones in the city. We take challenges and offer easy solutions for their trust.

Food and Beverages

We understand the sanitary standards that are required to be followed within hospitality establishments (i.e. hotels, restaurants and cafés). Our services promise a 360 deep cleaning routine that will leave any place shining and sanitary.

Healthcare & Pharma

Healthcare is a vital part of everyone’s lives. We offer cleaning services done to the highest standards of sanitation and of course a timely manner.


Our team asks the right questions and offers services around every situation you may face, right on time. Hospitality establishments may sometimes need an extra pair of hands to help out, that’s what we’re here for!

Cleaning Services

From home cleaning services, daily office cleaning around varied sectors to consumable provisions, carpet cleaning, Pest control services and other diversified services. Our cleaning services are a comprehensive system for taking care of our client’s business.

Daily Office Cleaning

Our experience helps us in Daily office cleaning services and provides assistance as a packaged deal. Our high quality service is timely and affordable!

Window Cleaning

With skilled professionals of our team, we offer internal and external window cleaning services, undertaken with the right requirements as per the government. All we need from you is the location, and we’re set to get it done for you on time.

Washroom Services

Our deep cleaning washroom services are best fit for public environments. We provide our services safely and in discrete convenience at the products at highest quality standards.

Carpet Cleaning

With deep cleaning services for carpets, that will not only leave your carpet looking brand new, but also preserve its state, colour and shape. Making your carpets last longer and serve you better.

Hard Floor Maintenance

The Hard floor maintenance services provided by our team are within the competitive price and offers some of the most exceptional standards. Our experience standards prove it all, right on time.

IT equipment cleaning

With a touch of professional hands, our IT equipment cleaning team takes good care of desktops computers, data centres, IT equipment, etc. You don’t have to worry about your tech equipment as we provide the best specialist care.

Pest control services

Pests are one of the reason for a long list of problems which arise the concerns of the health and safety around us. It also brings down the reputation of any home or office. This is the reason why we offer the best of what we can to rid you of a variety of pests and keep you safe.

Waste removal and disposal services

Our team and their services are accredited to ISO4001. With the right experience, they are always on the go to assist our clients with the widest range of services associated with recycling. Whether it be glass, battery or plastic, we take care of it all.

Why Choose Maids On Demand

Experience is what makes one perfect and this is what our team and our name holds. We understand and we know how to deal with a cleaning request, even before we are presented with it. In every field, we assure the right communication with the best of management in the area, making Maids On Demand a service that becomes a household name.

Benefits of our solutions

We act professional and helpful as a partner. Our services offer the right effort to reach in response to the need around, and provide the right satisfaction, for both commercial and other needs.