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Professional Cleaning Services Company in UAE Offering Home cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning and Maid service in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Book Our professional cleaning services by going to Book Online Page. Just Select your Required Service and Schedule the Date and Time. We will do the Rest.


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By using our Easy to Use Booking System, Select your Cleaning Service, Select Date and Time. We work at your Convenient, Daily, Weekly or Monthly.


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After Booking Confirmation by our Customer Care Team, Maids on Demand Team will arrive at your House and Start Cleaning according to your Suggestions.


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When our Cleaners do their Work, you can Sit Back and Relax or Do your Works. Our Team is brave enough to take care of the work.


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Among Maid service Dubai and Abu dhabi,
What Makes Our Maid Services Exclusive?

  • Secure

    All our cleaners are well-trained and adequately screened by professionals to ensure the security of our customers.

  • Convenient

    We are just a few clicks away from you. Use our online booking option to book your cleaners in a fast and secure manner.

  • Same Day Availability

    Book online or call us to schedule your cleanup. If you have urgent cleaning needs, rest-assured that we can cater to that as well, as we give our clients the opportunity to schedule same day appointments too!

  • Regular Cleaner

    If you are comfortable with a cleaner, then worry not as that’s the one we will send to you for cleaning purposes. Book online and get your favorite cleaner each time you schedule a cleanup.

  • Superior Customer Service

    Our customer care representatives work on a 24/7 basis. No matter what time it is, we are always here to help you out!


Jannet Braganza Brown

This is the first time I used a Maid Service. It was wonderful! The ladies were very friendly but also professional. They did a great job and worked quickly.
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Amitha Balmurali

I was using another Maids Service before. But today I find Maids on Demand from google and use there service. It was quite amazing, they did a wonderful job for me.
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Ameera Atifa Gamaroush

Being two working professionals, me and my husband was in search of a good maids service company in Dubai. We find Maids on Demand as our best Maids Service partner.

Cleaning services – Frequently Asked Questions

You can give us a call to have an appointment, post which we reach your premises and understand your cleaning requirements. Then we give you a free estimate, via phone or after a visit to your premises, along with a comprehensive list of services that we provide. Together we work upon a tailored work order with specific requests, and a copy of the same is shared with you. This is not a legal document, instead just a way to ensure that you are provided a personalized, consistent and timely service. Please reach us @ Phone: +971 50 841 7541 Email:
You can cancel/re-schedule your service at any given time, before one business day the service is scheduled for, either online or via phone. We do not have lock-in contracts. If a cancellation is made within one business day, you may incur a fee which covers the cleaner’s loss of wages. If we can cover the cleaner’s time through re-allocating work, we might as well waive this fee at that time, otherwise the fee must be charged. We send confirmation and reminder emails before your scheduled service. At the end of these emails will be a link to create and sign into your account. You can make changes to your service that will be flagged in the office. If these changes don’t affect the cleaner’s schedule, they will proceed, however if there is a clash of appointments, our office staff will get in contact with you to try and reach a solution that benefits all parties.
Indeed. Our cleaning company carries complete coverage for breakage/damage to home or office that occurs/might happen while we are cleaning. All employees are bonded for our customer satisfaction.
We take pride in the quality of the services that we provide, which are affordable as well. We as a team work with our client on a customized plan, and the cost depends on the area and the object to be cleaned. We add special services as below to the regular cleaning plan: • Carpet cleaning Services • Mattress Cleaning Services • Sofa Cleaning Services • Curtain Cleaning Services • Move in – Move out cleaning Services • Fridge interior cleaning Services • Oven interior cleaning Services • Changing bed linens Services • Deep Cleaning Services
We charge $30 per man hour and have set prices for specialty cleaning services. For all reservations we require a credit/debit card to secure the booking. We accept cash, cheque or credit card. The payment is made on the same day once the service is completed. Cash or cheque may be left on the counter for our cleaning service crew leader to pick up. In the event of a returned cheque, we reserve the right to assess a $30 fee. We accept credit cards: MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover. You can also choose to pay with a credit card directly through the MOD’ website. We bill you on a monthly cycle and invoice through email. Should you want an invoice for your company, we can provide that as well.
Yes, we do offer discounted prices for a regular route-based service for businesses.
No, we completely individualize our cleaning. We use a proven system to clean thoroughly, consistently and efficiently. We also customize our visit to your individual needs and your home's/office cleaning requirements.
Yes, we work across all Emirates. However, MOD cleaning services have large clientele based out of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We are providing Maid service Dubai and all over UAE
Once your appointment is confirmed, you receive a confirmation email, comprising the sum MOD of the booking and timeline window (date& time) for the team to arrive and begin the services.
We are happy to handle everything for you, but since we charge by the hour, it would be helpful for you to pick up any clutter before the team arrives. This will ensure that we clean as much floor space as possible.
In order to maximize efficiency and minimize the time, we advise to remove any items that may delay our cleaning personnel in the cleaning of your home/office. To ensure the safety of children, elderlies and pets, we ask that they be supervised during our visit, and are kept at safer places by the owner themselves. Even though we use environmentally safe products and equipment’s, we try to avoid accidents.
Certainly. Our team of experts get all the required tools and cleaning objects to provide the best. In case you would like a particular product/equipment to be used, you can advise accordingly to the cleaner and the team. You can choose to use our cleaning supplies or provide your own. The team is trained to disinfect, change clothes and sponges in between services. They use different dusters for bathrooms, kitchen and common areas. Please note that most of our cleaners travel by car and will be equipped with a small step ladder for high up areas. If you need a team with a stepladder, inform us accordingly upon booking your service.
Mostly, there will be two people at your home - a captain and a member. Depending on the type of the cleaning area and occasion, there may be more or less. We provide our services, while respecting your time, trust and space.
All our staffs carry valid identification card (ID) apart from the uniforms with the company logo, that they wear. Our vehicles are customized, in which they travel to render services.
No. They carry a different pair, while they are indoors for the work, which are never worn outdoors.
Safety and health of our client is one of our values, and we take utmost care to ensure the same. Our working practices are designed to comply with all the applicable Health & Safety regulations, and as we employ our staff there is no risk of the Inland Revenue seeing that you are that individual’s employer with all the extra work that can involve.
While you are away from home, if you wish us to de-activate and re-active the alarm system, please share the code and any instructions during our consultation. We will perform accordingly.
We provide services from Sunday to Thursday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. But you can choose to have the cleaning during business hours or after hours. Most customers trust us to do the work when they aren't home. They hand over the keys to us and for additional security, all house keys are individually coded and cross-referenced. We run reports on the keys which the cleaners have in their possession. We inscribe only first names and the first initial of the last name to be on the key tag. We do not put any phone numbers, addresses or full names on the keys at any time, to respect privacy. Either wise, you can be there for the service, let the cleaner in and leave. You can provide access to the cleaners by way of a key/lockbox. Generally, our cleaners work most efficiently when the house is empty of people and pets. Should you not wish to give us a key, we are happy to make other arrangements for access to your home or office.
Customer satisfaction is the key to the success of our company. We send a supervisor to inspect and ensure that quality services are offered for the designated cleaning work. In case, you are dissatisfied with the services provided, you need not pay and contact us within 24 hours to have the issue fixed, post which you can make the payments. Please note, no refunds are offered.
Not an issue. Please drop an email with details regarding what might have been an issue and include all relevant photographs. We will then proceed with our 200% satisfaction guarantee, and aim to provide a re-clean within two-four days of the initial service for any missed/unsatisfactory areas and/or look at an appropriate discount if required. We appreciate both positive and negative feedback.
We take the responsibility of any mishap/injury/ accident, that may happen to our members while rendering the services. It is covered under our workers’ compensation program and does not involve the houseowners insurance in anyway.
Largely, yes. We try to match you with a cleaner who will continue your service ongoing, however there are occasions such as public holidays, illnesses, emergencies and travel/holidays and other unforeseen reasons or events, that may cause a change of the person or team arriving to render the services. We cannot guarantee a regular cleaner for four-weekly bookings (unless arranged directly with staff) due to scheduling issues. One thing that we can ensure despite the change, is quality service each time by our skilled professionals apart from the supervisor, who inspects the work done and takes care of customer satisfaction.
We only complete interior window cleaning and not exterior.
No, we only focus on interior work. However, we do have a balcony service that is available as an added work.
We can provide cleaning as often as it is needed, which may mean daily, weekly, monthly, or just once.
Yes, we do. Our cleaning services will be personalized to your specific needs.
Yes, we do. Please make your reservations accordingly to schedule a special cleaning/green services, so we are well-prepared to accommodate you.
We shift and clean under small objects and light furniture’s. We vacuum/mop under heavy furniture (like beds and couches) however we will strictly not move any heavy furniture, to avoid any scratches on the floors. If you decide to do it for yourself, we agree to do the cleaning at the required place, but we will not instruct our cleaning teams to do so themselves.
Yes, we do provide it, but please note that steam cleaning may need to be staggered on the day of your service if the initial team sent to you are not trained steam cleaners. For example, the cleaners may arrive at 9.a.m. to complete the general cleaning and finish up in few hours, then a different team will arrive to complete the steam cleaning. Though, we do have a few cleaners who can do both.
Certainly, we do work over the weekends but with lesser office support. Our phone lines remain closed. We can be contacted via cell phone on +971 55 841 0030.
We are committed to the continuous development of all our procedures and policies. Under our Quality Assurance Program, we invest in the training of our staffs and shape them to be the best in service, who ensure that rigorous house cleaning standards are followed without compromising on the quality of the work. By sharing MOD’s ways of doing business, you too contribute to a more balanced and fair way to treat the people who provide the cleaning services across UAE.
MOD's Cleaning Services is a nationally recognized leader in residential home cleaning services. Our cleaning team has provided quality, reliable cleaning services for more than 10 years. Each maid services team comprises insured, licensed, and uniformed housekeepers who are regularly trained and supervised.
Hundreds of our loyal and happily satisfied customers give references for us.

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