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We clean our homes every single day, but there are certain areas in our home that remain neglected. This mainly includes cupboards, upper shelves, storage areas and garages; these areas house a lot of bacteria and dust as they remain unnoticed for a long span of time. Finally, when you decide to attack the area, it might not be as simple a task to be done alone. Just thinking about it might get you really lethargic. Hiring Maids on Demand can solve all your problems as we provide you with world class deep cleaning services in Abu Dhabi. You can sit back and relax while our team will get down to business and make your house spic and span in no time.

We Deliver Top Quality House Cleaning Services In Abu Dhabi

Our team believes in keeping the customers happy, and to ensure this, we work according to their requirements and needs. When you get in touch with us, we will initially sketch out a plan according to your needs. As a trusted cleaning company, we assure you that our team of professionals will provide you with the best clean out solutions and services as they understand the importance of a neat and tidy home.

Best Deep Cleaning Services in Abu Dhabi - Maids on Demand

Our expert team begins by surveying the areas in your home that need to be cleaned. Once done, they make your house sparkling clean with the required equipment and tried and tested cleaning techniques.

They take care of every small area, be it the corners or the mirrors, and even the stubborn marks in the kitchen – we make sure to handle all of it.

A Dedicated Team Of Cleaning Experts

We take utmost pride in boasting of a professional team that is 100% reliable and trustworthy. Our staff members are highly flexible and understand the importance of your deep cleanup needs, and make sure to cater to all of your requirements.

A happy home is our primary and key motive, and we believe that a happy and healthy home can be achieved only if we pay attention to keep our house clean and tidy – and that is just what we are here to help you out with.

So call now and schedule your appointment with Maids on Demand to benefit from deep cleaning plans delivered by experienced professionals.

Deep cleaning your home is one of the best ways to maintain your space hygienic and healthy. This is different from regular laundering, washing dishes as there are places like sinks, floor grouting which may not be cleaned in our regular cleaning.

Deep Cleaning Services for your Bathroom

• All surfaces will be vacuumed and sanitized, as needed.
• Toilets, tubs, and showers will be scrubbed and disinfected.
• Mirrors will be cleaned and chrome polished.
• Floor will be vacuumed, swept and mopped.

Spray your tub with a multi-purpose cleaner in order to soak it for some time and loosen up
any soap and oil which has been collected. Repeat the same procedure for toilet bowls & sinks. This will make scrubbing very easy when you come back later on.

Wipe mirrors, lights, and windows carefully. Take the extra time to clean out properly which has made it around the corners and edges of the bathroom. Remove dust, grime which has built up by removing items down with the light amount of vinegar on a damp rag.

Start cleaning the sinks and floor grout. Over time, these spaces get filled up with dirt. Clear the cobwebs formed under the sink and discard the items which you may require from there. For grouting, you can make cleansing at your home with vinegar, baking soda, and water. Spray down the grout with vinegar and water mixed solution until the area is saturated. Leave it for a few minutes and then scrub with a bristle brush and then rinse it. Mix baking soda with water and apply it to the grout using a brush. Spray it with water and vinegar. Rinse the grout with warm water once brushing is done.

Kitchen Deep Cleaning in Abu Dhabi

• Tables and countertops will be scrubbed and sanitized.
• Dishes placed in the dishwasher will be cleaned.
• Outside of appliances cleaned (oven, microwave, refrigerator where clear, dishwasher, stovetop, etc.).
• Countertops and backsplash will be cleaned.
• Sinks will be scrubbed, rinsed and buffed.
• Small appliances will be wiped (toaster, blender, microwave, etc.)
• Floors will be scrubbed, vacuumed, swept and mopped.

Clean the kitchen cabinets with a damp rag. Gently clean the dust or dirt from the inside and outside of the cabinet doors and from the cabinet sides as well. Dip your cloth in undiluted vinegar to remove grease. Rinse it in warm water to remove the vinegar. Some cabinets might start swelling if they have too much moisture. Ensure to always ring out your rag before wiping the wood and dry the surface as soon as possible with a paper towel after cleaning.

Remove everything from the fridge and the freezer. Then, start removing the food debris from the top to bottom. Check the expiry date of the products and discard the ones which are already expired. Don’t forget to clean the front side of the fridge and freezer and disinfecting the door handles.

Scrub your basin with a disinfectant or bleach solution to kill the bacteria from your kitchen sink. Your sink basin collects all the germs from food.

Deep Cleaning Services for your Living Room in Abu Dhabi

Vacuum the spaces underneath the chairs & sofas after removing the cushions. Vacuum the nooks and crannies as crumbs or dust might be settled in those places. Check those areas after vacuuming them if any crumbs are left out.

Remove all the items from bookshelves or coffee tables to clean the entire surface with a dust rag and then polish the furniture with a wood cleaner or a polish. Rub walnut or use a stain pen to fix the scratches on the wooden furniture.

Use a vacuum cleaner attachment or a telescoping pole to reach high ceilings and corners to clean it. Remove the curtains and put them in the laundry to clean them. Clean the windows using a glass cleaner and do not forget to disinfect the door handles of the windows.

Wipe or brush all the dust from the corners of pictures, frames, clocks and other decoration items hung on the wall. Time for this activity depends on how many decorative pieces you have in the living room. More items mean more time it will take to complete this task.

Deep Cleaning Services for your rooms in Abu Dhabi

• All areas including ceilings, walls and blinds dusted-on top, front and sides will be cleaned.
• Hard surface floors will be scrubbed and damp mopped.
• All furniture and all miscellaneous items will be cleaned and polished.
• Waste receptacles will be emptied and damp wiped.
• Soil will be removed from entrance door frames, handles, and glass.
• Carpets will be vacuumed.
• All interior windows and accessible exterior windows will be cleaned.
• Steaming will be done for sanitizing.

Deep Cleaning Services for your Bedroom in Abu Dhabi
Wash all the items on the bed such as bed skirts, shams, duvet covers, and bedsheets. Take the items to the dry cleaner or a laundry mat if they are too big to fit in your washing machine. Also, don’t forget to clean the pillows.

Flip the mattress or rotate the pillow top to prevent grooves from forming because of sleeping on the same spot for a long duration. Spread baking soda and leave it for 45 minutes to an hour and follow it up by vacuuming it.

Mop or vacuum beneath the furniture, including under the bed and behind the dressers. Pay special attention to corners or baseboards as dirt is mostly accumulated in these spots.

Deep cleaning is a time-consuming process. We provide best deep cleaning services all across Abu Dhabi so that you can relax and let us do the work for you. Book your appointment now and let the magic begin!

Deep Cleaning Services for Banks in Abu Dhabi

Maids on Demand provides expert bank cleaning services across Abu Dhabi. We ensure to provide a hygienic and clean environment so your customers can use your banking facilities without any concerns.

Banks require deep cleaning as people with different hygienic habits come and use the banking facility. People may behave differently based on their background and hence it is important to maintain a tidy environment in order to provide all your customers with the best customer service possible which helps you to present yourselves as professionals.

We are aware of the places which require special attention and care such as teller counters, token kiosks, waiting areas, bank representative cabins and so on, which have to be cleaned thoroughly. We provide deep cleaning services to ensure no surface remains uncovered. Restrooms are also one of the common areas which have to be deep cleaned as they are used by different people at various times.

Hospitality Deep Cleaning Services in Abu Dhabi

We at Maids on Demand have a dedicated team of professionals who have years of experience in deep cleaning hotels, resorts, spas and so on. With our operations based in Abu Dhabi, we can provide our cleaning services all across the city.

One of the important aspects of the hospitality industry is the customer service and presentation it provides to its customers and tourists. As the saying goes “first impression is the last impression”, this saying holds quite true for the hospitality industry. To retain your existing customers, you have to provide top-level customer service to them.

One of the simple ways you can provide a top level of customer service is by ensuring that all the facilities and amenities at your hotel or resort are deep cleaned. From deep cleaning apartments, after guests check out to maintaining a tidy environment at amenities such as spa or swimming pools, we take care of it all.

Our highly qualified staff members know the areas which are to be cleaned thoroughly. Restrooms, shower rooms, lobby area, reception area are some of the many places which have to be deep cleaned. We also provide flexible cleaning packages that can match your exact set of requirements.

Contact us for your cleaning needs and provide your customers with a memorable experience.

Deep Cleaning Services for Jewellery Shops in Abu Dhabi

Maids on Demand helps your business by providing top quality of cleaning service in Abu Dhabi. Our staff members have years of experience in deep cleaning various shops and retail outlets and have expertise in delivering the best cleaning solutions for your needs.

Jewellery shops require deep cleaning services as it has a footfall of lot people who come for purchasing or browsing and touch various different items in the store. Counters, especially, is one of those areas where a lot of disinfection is necessary as items are exchanged there.

Another place that has to be thoroughly cleaned is the display area inside the shop as well as on the outside, one facing towards the pavement or the road. A huge amount of dust is collected if these areas are not well maintained and may cause entry of different allergens. Not only a hygienic but also, a healthy environment is to be maintained while cleaning as people of different ages visit jewellery shops.

Our professionals use best in class cleaning agents to ensure that the shop has not only a tidy environment but also a safe one. We provide dynamic cleaning plans which can match your required cleaning necessities.

Pick up the phone and contact us to book our expert deep cleaning service.

Deep Cleaning Services for Shopping Mall in Abu Dhabi

With services being provided in Abu Dhabi, we at Maids on Demand can provide you best quality of deep cleaning services for shopping malls in the city. Our team of experts has professional deep cleaning experience across sectors & industries and hence they are capable of undertaking any type of cleaning project.

People from different walks of life and all of the ages visit shopping malls for various reasons. Some may visit to shop for groceries, some may come for fashion shopping, some may come with families to have a relaxing getaway on weekends. This also invites a lot of dust, allergens, and untidiness to these shopping complexes. It then becomes important to deep clean these facilities.

Restrooms, shopping counters, food courts, are some of the many areas where deep cleaning is required. These areas have higher footfall compared to other parts of the mall and therefore, it is important to thoroughly clean these areas.

We ensure a clean and safe environment is maintained by providing you with flexible and cost-effective cleaning plans which match your expectations. We are available to provide cleaning services during your non-operating hours in order to not interrupt your visitors & staff members.

Contact us today to deep clean your shopping malls and create an exciting experience for your shoppers.

Deep Cleaning Services for Hospitals & Clinics in Abu Dhabi

We at Maids on Demand provide deep cleaning services for various types of medical institutes and centers. As we are based in Abu Dhabi, we can help you tackle deep cleaning problems all across the city, irrespective of the size of your medical center’s operation scale. We have years of experience in providing deep cleaning services for medical facilities and assure you that we will match your expectation levels.

People carrying different types of sickness or diseases visit medical facilities and some of them could be contagious. Waiting areas, medical equipment, restrooms, testing labs are areas in a medical facility which has to be thoroughly cleaned. These places have the highest risk of transferring contagious diseases. For us, the top priority is the health of all the staff workers such as doctors, nurses as well as the patients. Therefore, it is very important to deep clean these areas as frequently as possible.

We have the capability and prior experience in deep cleaning such facilities. Our team of highly qualified professional cleaners is there to ensure that all areas are properly covered during the cleaning process. We provide plans which are tailor-made to your needs and budget-friendly as well.

Contact us to give you a professional cleaning experience and you can focus on making people’s lives healthier.

Deep Cleaning Services for Nurseries in Abu Dhabi

Maids on Demand is a leading deep cleaning service provider in Abu Dhabi. We have years of experience in deep cleaning number of facilities, shops, offices, etc. across the city. Our team of professional cleaners are dedicated and are present to serve in your best interests. We meet the highest standards of quality when it comes to sanitation and cleaning processes.

Kids are quite vulnerable to diseases which can be caused due to unhygienic environment. Flu, viruses, breathing problems can be easily triggered if the environment is not well maintained. These diseases could become lethal as well. That is the reason we recommend frequent deep cleaning of nurseries. Not only we will create a safer environment, but also it will impress the parents who will visit the nursery and may recommend it to others as well.

Play areas and restrooms are some of the places which need additional attention and therefore have to be thoroughly cleaned. Such places could have allergens and viruses on hard surfaces and may remain for long-duration if left untreated.

We understand that cleaning during your operational hours may interrupt your operations and therefore we provide cleaning schedules that can be amended as per your needs. Get in touch with us for a safer and healthier environment.

Deep Cleaning Services for Offices in Abu Dhabi

Maids on Demand is a leading office cleaning service provider based in Abu Dhabi. Our experience speaks for the quality of service we provide to our clients. We provide high quality of cleaning service to your office to safeguard the health of your employees and staff members.

When your client comes to your office for meetings, the first thing they will observe is the tidiness and hygienic environment it has. If the workplace is not cleaned, that will let off your client from working with you and may collaborate with your competitor. To stay ahead of the curve, it is important to maintain a healthy and hygienic environment at your office. We take assurance in deep cleaning all the areas as frequently as possible.

Meeting rooms, office cabins, restrooms are some of the areas which require deep cleaning as these areas are used by different people at various times and could lead to a potentially unhealthy work environment. An unhygienic environment may even cause a decline in productivity.

We offer cleaning service which is adaptive to your requirements. We can start the deep cleaning process in your non-operating hours to cause the least amount of interruption to your business.

Contact our professionals and let your employees work in a clean and hygienic environment.

Deep Cleaning Services for Restaurant in Abu Dhabi
Maids on Demand provides it’s professional cleaning services across Abu Dhabi. We have committed ourselves to provide top quality of cleaning service to our clients. We ensure to take care of cleaning completely upon ourselves and leave no surface untreated. We are here to serve in your best interests and are accountable for our work.

Restaurants have to be kept tidy and clean at all times as cooking food in a hygienic is an outmost priority for them. We understand this and therefore we recommend deep cleaning cooking stations & serving areas as frequently as possible. We also deep clean waiting area and a restroom as there could be unwanted dirt collected if left untreated for longer durations.

Our highly qualified staff members are aware of this and therefore provide the option of using eco-friendly, chemical-free agents to deep clean your restaurant. As the health of your food lovers and staff members is important to us, using such products is less harmful to them and it works exactly the same as the regular chemical agents do.

We provide flexible cleaning packages to match your requirements. Whether it is a small restaurant or chain of branches, we can provide our professional cleaning services to all types of the restaurant business.

Contact us to book our expert cleaners.

Deep Cleaning Services for Retail shops and outlets in Abu Dhabi

Maids on Demand provide professional cleaning services for years in Abu Dhabi. Our team has an ample amount of experience in cleaning retail outlets. We provide top-notch quality of cleaning services to our clients and ensure to make the environment safe, hygienic and tidy. Our professionals serve in your best interests at all times.

Retail outlets have a lot of high touch surfaces that could potentially be carrying germs, dust, allergens which could turn out to be deadly for your visitors. Different people come to visit your shop who have different hygienic habits. Therefore it becomes important to deep clean and maintains a tidy environment at all times. Your visitors will feel comfortable revisiting the place if it has safer and hygienic environment.

We thoroughly clean areas where we think where dirt is usually acquired a lot. Our team of professional cleaners deep clean these areas without interrupting your day-to-day business operations.

We provide dynamic cleaning plans which meet the requirements set forth by you. This helps your retail outlet to be cleaned as you wish to have it cleaned and is also cost-effective.

Contact us and get professional cleaning services for your retail shop to make it a hygienic place for your employees and visitors.

Deep Cleaning Services for School in Abu Dhabi

We at Maids on Demand provide professional deep cleaning packages to schools and campuses in Abu Dhabi. Safeguarding the health of teachers and students is our top priority and therefore we provide top quality of cleaning service. We have years of experience in providing cleaning various industries and ensure that the best cleaning agents are used to clean your school and campuses.

Students are quite vulnerable to allergens and bacteria and therefore it becomes important to deep clean frequently used places such as sporting facilities, restrooms, classrooms and so on. These allergens could be deadly in nature and therefore we recommend frequent deep cleaning of the facility. Our goal is to keep the campus safe and hygienic at all times.

We can also use eco-friendly, chemical-free cleaning agents to deep clean the campus. This helps to not only create an environmentally friendly environment but also does not cause a rise in any unforeseen health issues.

We have cleaning schedule plans which can be amended as per your needs. Our flexible plans help you to fulfill your exact requirements and are also less heavy on the pocket.

Get in touch with us and let our experts worry about cleaning your campuses and making it a hygienic environment for your students and teachers.

Deep Cleaning Services for Sports/Leisure centres in Abu Dhabi

Maids on Demand have a team of experts with a wide variety of professional cleaning experience in Abu Dhabi. The team is highly-qualified and is available to fulfill your cleaning needs to provide you with a safe, clean and hygienic environment. We ensure to use top of the line cleaning agents to ensure your place is clean and hygienic.

Sporting and leisure facilities such as gyms & swimming pools are places which require deep cleaning as people have different types of body fluids which could be all over the place. Restrooms, shower rooms, equipment, all these need deep cleaning as they are touched by different people and germs could start spreading from one person to another.

Our cleaning experts know this and hence ensure that such areas are thoroughly cleaned. Frequent deep cleaning is the best precautionary method you can have in order to create a healthy environment. Retaining existing club members also becomes easy if proper cleaning methods are put in place.

We provide flexible and on-demand services that not only meet your specific needs but also are budget-friendly. Our cleaning packages are suitable to match all your needs and provide you with a tidy environment for your staff and club members.

Contact us to book your cleaning experts

Deep Cleaning Services for Villas in Abu Dhabi

Maids on Demand provides professional villa deep cleaning services in Abu Dhabi. We have a team of highly qualified and expert cleaners who can provide you with a clean, tidy, and hygenic environment so you feel relaxed at your home. We ensure to use top quality cleaning agents to make sure your villa becomes a safe & tidy place for your family to live in.

A villa may have various places that may not be cleaned on a regular basis and could be overlooked easily. This could include the roof, backyard along with living room, kitchen, bathroom, and dining hall. These places may consist of certain areas that need additional care such as ceiling, electronic items and wiring in the backyard or roof, and so on. We take care of all such areas and more once we undertake the cleaning task.

Our team of cleaning experts are aware of this and therefore we ensure that no place remains uncleaned. Deep cleaning is required to avoid unwanted allergens at home which could make your family and friends sick. Deep cleaning also creates a lasting impression on people who are visiting your villa or staying with you for a short duration.

Being one of the best home deep cleaning companies in Abu Dhabi, we also provide eco-friendly cleaning options to consider the fact that your family members could have allergies towards regular cleaning agents which are filled with various chemicals. These eco-friendly cleaning agents are completely harmless and they are as efficient as the regular cleaning agents. Eco-friendly cleaning agents also cause less pollution and therefore you will be helping to reduce the carbon footprint, should you avail of this option.

Deep cleaning a villa can be a tiresome task and we help you gain peace of mind by delegating a mundane task to our team of experts. You can feel relaxed by handing over all your cleaning needs to us and we will fulfill them as per your requirements. As one of the well-known home deep cleaning companies, our solutions are meant to make our customers worry-free at all times.

We provide customized cleaning plans for your villa which satisfies your cleaning needs. Our tailor-made and on-demand packages help you not only schedule the cleaning days, but also choose how frequently you want the villa to be cleaned. Our sole objective is to provide you with the utmost happiness at all times through our services. We strive towards gaining your satisfaction and helping you to match your expectation levels with our services.

Our team of experts has years of experience in deep cleaning common public areas and the bank is no different from them. We can accommodate and design a cleaning service package that meets your cleaning necessities and deliver cost-effective cleaning solutions to you.

Get in touch with our experts and let us worry about the deep cleaning services in Abu Dhabi.