Sofa Cleaning Services in Abu Dhabi

Sofa Cleaning Services in Abu Dhabi, After slogging all day at work all you want to do is come home and cuddle up on the sofa to spend some quality time with your television. The most used up piece of furniture is the sofa in your living room but have you ever wondered, is your sofa clean? You might spend hours vacuuming your sofa to realize there still might be bacteria, dust mites and dust particles that pollute your sofa.

It is often suggested by experts that you should get your sofa cleaned every six months by hiring professional sofa cleaning services and expert chair cleaning services so that you can spend hours on your sofa without worrying about the adverse effects of a polluted sofa.

Since we are well known as a leader in sofa & chair cleaning company, we provide you with the best sofa & chair cleaning services in Abu Dhabi at highly affordable rates. We clean, sanitize and remove marks from your sofa and make just as new. The sofa defines your living room and a clean sofa not only enhances the beauty of your room and but also adds a few extra years to the life of your sofa. Our sofa cleaning services will make you happy and & our chair cleaning services will help you relax in the living room.

Sofa Cleaning Services in Abu Dhabi

Our experts provide sofa cleaning in Abu Dhabi and make sure to take care of all the tough stains and target every nook and corner providing you with a sparkling clean sofa. We pattern our sofa & chair cleaning services according to the needs of your sofa; be it extra deep cleaning or just a simple wash. We also provide top quality chair cleaning services. Our sofa & chair cleaning services ensure to fulfil all your requirements and needs. Book sofa and chair cleaning services and let us take care to clean them off.

We provide professional sofa & chair cleaning services in Abu Dhabi which makes sure to check your sofas to provide you the best experience and this is done by following a series of steps. We begin by checking the upholstery to decide the type of cleaning your sofa needs. This is further followed by removal of dust and sand with the help of industrial vacuum cleaners. Any spots or stains are treated using a cleaning agent. Finally by using hot water extraction method a thorough cleaning is done to remove the water and any remaining cleaning agent.

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How to Steam Clean a Sofa

A great investment made should never be left unattended. The sofa takes the maximum space of a living room. It represents the outlook of one’s home. It is essential to keep it clean and it’s not necessary to depend on professional cleaners as you can steam clean it yourself.

Not only the living members of the home but also guests use the sofa to sit, talk with others and eat some snacks on it. It is important to make sure that the sofas are well cleaned before the guests have arrived in order to make a long-lasting first impression on them

Time saver

Gone are the traditional ways of using a cloth dipped in water mixed with detergent and scrubbing it all the way to leave wet patches for a day. You can rent a steam cleaner if you don’t own it, It’s worth investing in one as it can be used to keep your house top-notch.

Benefits of owning a steam cleaner

Save Money:

Steam cleaning the sofa is the most convenient way of cleaning or sanitizing the sofa. However, steam cleaning is less time-consuming and hence even if you keep the steamer at a low setting it would be enough to clean the sofa. Another greater benefit is you can save money when you do it yourself.


When you have kids or pets you have to be cautious to not fill your home with unnecessary chemicals especially on the sofa, which is the place where they mostly try to be. Your sofa does not have to smell with artificial fragrances to seem to be clean. What is important is to ensure you get rid of the bad odor, dirt, and stains. Steam reduced the deposition of the chemicals on the fabric of the sofa. These are little ways you can be concerned about your family.

Boost Comfort:

Steam works like magic. It not only cleans the fabric of the sofa that it touches but it can also be a great way to improve the softness of your sofa. When steam penetrates through the fabric into the fibers of the sofa materials, it softens them, making the sofa feel even more comfortable than ever before. Imagine the hassle if you use water instead of steam, avoid the struggle and dampness that may bring in bad odor latter.

Be aware before you begin

One thing many people dislike to do yet must be done is to read the manual of the steam cleaner. It is necessary to know the functionality of the machine. The usage of these machines is easy to handle while you know what you ought to do before you start cleaning.

Steps on the cleaning process

Be cautious while you fill in the water in the steam cleaner. It’s better to do it before you plug in the machine to the power socket. The water tank would usually be at the bottom of the machine after filling the tank you can turn on the machine.

If your steam cleaner has automatic mode as most machines do, you can wait for it to reach the temperature that is required. Ensure the steam is not going to be too hot that it would harm the fabric on the sofa. It’s best to use the steam cleaner at a lower heat mode first and then keep increasing if needed. Never forget to try using the cleaner on one side of the couch, preferably on the rear side which faces the wall. This is just to ensure the heat is just right for the fabric.

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As you wait for the steam to rise to remove the sofa cushions and cover so that you can clean it separately. There is always art in the way you do things. When it comes to steam cleaning the sofa, ensure you clean in a top-to-bottom direction. Remember the way you use a vacuum cleaner, that’s just the same way you use the steam cleaner as well. Ensure each time you push or pull the cleaner you do it as slowly as possible, this helps dirt particles to break.

Try cleaning the sofa with higher temperature if you don’t find it neat after your first cleaning. This is a tip to reduce time and meet your expectations on the cleanliness. Dry the entire sofa and its cushions, open the doors and windows to allow the sofa to get dried in the fresh air. Avoid keeping the sofa in direct sunlight because it may make the fabric to fade.

How to Get Your Sofa Clean at Home in Abu Dhabi

Most homes in Abu Dhabi do have fabric sofas kept in the living room which are used by members of the home or by a guest. Over a period of time, they get stained, dirt gets filled in and therefore they become dirty. Due to the hectic lifestyle, sofa cleaning may not be a top priority for Abu Dhabi residents but it’s necessary to do a deep cleaning of your sofa once in a while. Sofa goes through a lot of wear and tear but with proper cleaning technique and degree of care, it can last as long as any other material.

Your sofa has a collection of not only dirt, dust but also of our body fluids, skin cells, leftover pieces of snacks, etc. That’s one of the main reasons why sofa cleaning can’t be ignored for a long time. If your sofa is used quite frequently by the people at your home, then becomes necessary to clean it once every couple of months to maintain its quality and ensuring a hygienic environment.

Sofa cleaning may seem like an overwhelming task but it could be quite easy in reality. This guide will help you on how to clean the sofa like a professional.

Cleaning Codes:

Before you start cleaning the sofa, each sofa will come with a tag on which there will be some codes written on it. These are to identify the type of material your sofa is and how you can clean it.

W – Water-based detergent can be used to clean.

S – Dry clean with a water-free solvent.

WS – Dry clean with a water-free or water-based solvent or both can be used.

X – Can not be cleaned with water or a solvent. Only soft brushing or vacuum is applicable.

Vacuum Cleaning:

Vacuum your sofa to remove all the loose dirt from and below the surface. Use a brush attachment gently and remove the dirt without scratching the material. Remove the cushions and ensure to remove the dirt from below & surface of the cushions.Surface Clean:

Remove cushions and gently brush the nooks and crannies of the sofa to get rid of dirt, leftover crumbs and garbage which is stuck in there. You may also use a white towel to rub the spots or stains in order to break them apart and clean them. Use only a white towel and not any other color of the material as it may switch the color of your sofa.

Removing Stains

Mix a teaspoon of washing liquid, white vinegar, baking soda, and warm water. This cleansing solution will work well to remove stains easily. Apply this mixture first on a small portion to see if it doesn’t discolor any part of the sofa. This mixture also helps to remove tough stains without much of an effort.

Removing Odor:

After removing stains and crumbs, you need to remove the bad odor coming from your sofa. Baking soda is one of the best solutions for this. Sprinkle baking soda over the couch and leave it as it is. Vacuum the sofa after 20 minutes of sprinkling baking soda. If this doesn’t work well, mix baking soda with a dry carpet cleaner and apply it on the sofa. Leave it for 20 minutes and your couch will fresh new.

Lint Roller:

You can also use a lint roller to remove hair or dust from the fabric sofa. This works well for a sofa for a light quantity of de-linting.

Leather + Soap:

If you have a leather sofa, the best would be to use leather-based cleaning soap mixed with conditioner. You can use a slightly damped, clean rag to remove stains from a leather sofa. Leather sofas shouldn’t be cleaned with other regular liquid detergents.


Sofa made out of cloth can be cleaned with water-based cleaner and steam to loosen up stains and dust. Plugin you iron, put it at steam setting and then move it around the sofa, wave it to and fro through tough stains. Once the stains are loosened up, you can repeat steps under ‘Removing Stains’.

Spot Clean:

Make sure to check the cleaning codes before spot cleaning your sofa. It is always best to try the cleaning solution on a small portion before applying all over the sofa. Blotting is the most common practice when it comes to spot cleaning. Some stains are quite tough and you may need to clean them twice or thrice before they go away. Let your spot dry and start repeating the process.

If you are thinking to book sofa cleaning service in Abu Dhabi, then your search has ended here. Contact our team at Maids on Demand to book sofa and chair cleaning services in Abu Dhabi and gain peace of mind.