Pet Owners: Keep Your Home Clean with These Tips

The joy you get while sharing your space with your furry pet friends is an absolute pleasure one that melts your heart. However, with that comes the inevitable mess of fur, clutter and sometimes incidents may occur. This is the reason we understand and identify that every now and then, one needs a few tips and tricks to organize and keep one’s household neat & tidy.

You might be a cat lover, a dog lover or have a passion for marine life and keep an entire fish tank at home. Whatever pet you may like, these tips can be used for any and all kinds of pets which can be found at one’s home in general. It is important to have a tidy and clean place at your home so that you and your pet can live at ‘home sweet home’, peacefully.

Here are some of the ways you and your pet can live in a clean environment:

Always being ready for unannounced incidents:
Keeping a paper towel or mats where your furry friend usually resides always helps with easy and quick clean up. It doesn’t hurt to be prepared!

Keeping your furniture safe:
Your pet, unfortunately, may develop a certain interest in your furniture, which often leads to scuffs, nibbles and other damages to your beloved furniture. Some ways to avoid this would be by providing your pet with enough toys to keep them distracted. You may also look into buying shelves and boxes to stow away their toys to avoid clutter. Sanitising & deep cleaning the sofas and rugs once in a month can also help preserve the freshness of your furniture, along with keeping it fur-free.

Regularly washing your pet’s bed:
Investing in beds/cots with a removable bed attachment so you can easily throw it in the washing machine for intense and thorough cleaning. One may also look into buying plastic-lined covers for their pets to ensure that any mess can be controlled.

Spring cleaning:
It is advisable to regularly vacuum and mop the floors of your room to avoid build-up of fur and dirt over time and seek out professional carpet cleaning services if needed. Areas such as behind the shelves, under the carpet, etc. must not be overlooked.

Stop the dirt from entering your house:
It’s best to always wipe and clean your pet’s paws after a day out before and then enter your house. Therefore, it is recommended to have a bowl with a damp cloth or wet wipes.

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Grooming your pet:
How we as humans comb our hair every day, it is essential to do the same for your pet to remove excess hair and this also gives you a chance to look through your pet’s fur, to know if any infection or rashes have been developed. It is also essential to have your pets manicured regularly to avoid scratches on your furniture, along with your floors.

Lint remover:
A lint remover may be your best tool to remove fur. It always comes in handy to seamlessly removing fur that is stuck on your clothes. They now come in refillable tapes, making them more cost-effective.

Use stain removers:
Pets can create a lot of stains in various places at your home. It could be places like sofa, bed, pillow where stains could be made by your pet. Removing stains immediately is highly advisable and therefore, you should keep stain removers at your home. Ensure to wipe it off properly after using the stain removers.

Disinfecting your house regularly:
Many pet owners recommend disinfecting their houses thrice a week, in order to keep your home environment healthy and germ-free.

Airing your home:
As the weather is quite pleasant at the moment, it is nice to let your house air out, leaving the windows and curtains open to remove odors and other germs.

Regularly bathing your pet:
A regular bath to your pet keeps them clean and tidy at all times. They smell fresh and look tidy which also helps the home to be kept clean. A dirty pet can make the home dirty too.

Pet-friendly plants:
Another way to neutralize your home for odors is by keeping pet-friendly plants at home, that helps the atmosphere to be freshened up and help eliminate germs.

You can try to have a household that’s 100% fur-free but as pet owners, it is nearly impossible. Hence, we may try and do our best to keep our spaces clean. However, sometimes you may require professional cleaning services to help you deep clean certain parts of your home.