Tips & Tricks to Avoid Allergens at Home

There are many sources of allergens at any given home and if you have certain types of allergies towards them, it could be difficult for you to stay in such a home. From dust to smell of paint, there could be various allergies one may have. Your immune system may not be able to react to these allergens positively.

This blog will shed light on some of the ways you can prevent having allergies and remove these allergens from your home. Cleaning your home always helps to keep allergens away but we will deep dive into how exactly you can remove them from your home and maintain a healthy household for your family members.

Here are some tips on keeping your home allergen-free:

Deep clean your home:

If you or any of the household members have any allergies, it’s important to deep clean your entire home once or twice a week. It is recommended that the person who is allergic should not be part of the cleaning process. In case you are the only one who is at home and have allergies, ensure to wear a mask, pair of gloves and long clothing to stay away from allergens.

Buy an excellent vacuum cleaner:


In order to effectively deep clean your home, it is advisable to use a HEPA filter vacuum cleaner if you have allergies. Regular vacuum cleaners release the pollen, dust mite or other small particular back into the air which we breathe. Vacuum cleaners with HEPA filter do not release such dust mites and pollens back into the air.

Use a wet cloth to dust:

Without using a wet cloth to dust your home, your basically moving dust from one spot to the other without removing it entirely. A wet cloth will help to remove dust entirely from your home and hence it is advisable to use a dampened cloth to dust off your home. Use a dry cloth after you have used a wet cloth to dust off.

Wash A/C filters:

The air conditioner filters usually collect a lot of dust, pollen, and mold and if left uncleaned, it can cause your allergies to get worse and even make members at your home sick. Therefore, ensure to clean your A/C filters as frequently as possible. In case your A/C filter can not be washed, consider replacing them every once in three months.

Stop mould and mildew:

Mould is quite a dangerous element at your home like dust. Mould can lead to cough, headaches, fever and so on, if untreated. They are usually found in bathrooms and grow there. To prevent mould and mildew from growing, replace glass doors with shower curtains and use tiles instead of wallpapers or painted walls in your washroom.

Use eco-friendly products:

One of the best and safest ways to clean your home is by using do-it-yourself (DIY) eco-friendly products. Using chemicals to clean your home may be harmful if you are allergic to certain smells or products. DIY eco-friendly products are also cost-effective. Even if you are not allergic, consider using eco-friendly products as they are a healthy alternative to your regular cleaning agents.

Clean the mattress:

To attain a peaceful sleep at night, keep cleaning your mattress at regular intervals. Ensure to clean the bedsheets and duvet covers along with it as well. Keeping your bed clean will help you gain not only a relaxing sleep, but also keep your environment in the room hygienic.

Clean sofa, curtains & carpet:

Dust is collected most at the places closer to the window. Hence, your curtains collect the most amount of dust and it needs to be cleaned thoroughly. Your sofa and carpet have dust and pollens too. All these items have to be cleaned properly and ensure that no part of the sofa or carpet is left untreated.

Declutter the home:

Your home will most likely be filled with many unwanted items. Keep decluttering your home on a regular basis to avoid the collection of unwanted dust mites. This is one of the easiest ways to reduce dust entering your home and also helps you save time on cleaning them. Discard all the unwanted items from your home and recycle items that can be reused for later.

Clean kitchen counters & floor:

Kitchen counters usually have spillovers and crumbs left out from the food which can invite a lot of pests in your home. Ensure that after cooking and prep session, the counters are cleaned and no crumb or grain is left on the floor or on counters.