Deep Cleaning Apartment Within an Hour in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Cleaning a rented house in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is not usually on the to-do list of many tenants. But cleaning a house should not take a lot of time, especially if it’s a small apartment.

At times, you may get unexpected guests at home and your apartment is untidy. Luckily, all you need is some tips and tricks for cleaning your apartment which will get the job done within an hour.

Start focusing on rooms that receive high foot traffic and stick to a few key chores which can get your apartment clean and tidy with a lot of time left on the clock. If you have a spouse, kid or a room partner at home who can help you with cleaning, you can get more cleaning done in less time.

Before you start cleaning your home, ensure you have the required items for it at your apartment. Items like dish soap, sponges, glass cleaner, an all-purpose cleaning spray, paper towels, foaming bathroom cleaner, and a vacuum. Usually, these items might be already in your apartment most of the time.

Remember it is always recommended to deep clean & sanitize homes once in six months.

The Bathroom

The bathroom should be the first place of your home from where cleaning should start from. This is because the guests will be staying for a long duration at the home and will definitely use the washroom. Declutter tub ledge, toilet tank area, and sink. Spray the surface with a foaming cleanser and allow it to keep for some minutes while you do other chores.

Clean the bathroom mirror and chrome off it using a glass cleaner and wiping it. Once the rest of the apartment is cleaned, you can see the foam cleaner picked a good amount of bathroom stains which makes it easy for you to wipe it. Don’t forget to focus on areas like the sink, toilet seat and sink basin.

Make sure all the items in your bathroom such as towels, makeup items, electronics, toiletries are arranged nicely. Make sure to close the shower curtain before leaving.

Ensure that the bathroom is the first and last place you visit while cleaning your apartment. Pick up dust and stray hair which may have come on the floor using a small handheld vacuum. It takes about a minute to do so and makes your bathroom look a lot cleaner than you would think.


The Bedroom

Ensure to make the bed after you wake up in the morning. It is one of the most simple chores which makes your entire room a lot more tidier in general. Put all the clothes lying on the floor in the laundry as they have got the dirt from the floor.

Put all the dirty cutlery from the bedroom into the dishwasher or hand clean them and arrange them properly. Bedroom usually doesn’t require as much deep clean as kitchen and bathroom, especially when you have limited time.

The Kitchen

Put all the dirty dishes from different parts of the apartment in the kitchen and ensure they are arranged properly in the dishwasher and not visible when entering the kitchen. If the kitchen is dirty, it indicates that the tenant is messy and gives a bad impression about your living habits. Another trick to eliminate bad aroma is to put a peeled lemon in the trash can instead of discarding it.

Now take some disinfectant wipes or paper towels and all-purpose kitchen cleaner spray. Start wiping the tables and counters in the kitchen. This is important as guests may like to hang out around the kitchen area or may even dine in there. Kitchen tables are usually quite cluttered up and therefore it is important to declutter it and make sure all the items are put in the proper place.

The Living Room

Guests coming over usually spend a lot of time in the living room, so this area shouldn’t be overlooked at any cost. Declutter the items from furniture such as removing dirty cups from the coffee table or removing trash etc. After decluttering, vacuum the floor or mop it with a disposable cloth.

After that, start cleaning the furniture such as bookcases, tv stand, tables, etc. as a lot of dust is accumulated in these areas. Once everything is cleaned, ensure to arrange the items back in its place.

Note that the entry path is usually the prime spot where keys, bags, shoes, etc. are kept. This area has to be decluttered too.

Cleaning can be a boring and dull task but it doesn’t need to be. Play some upbeat music or your favorite playlist and don’t make this feel like a regular chore.