The Ultimate Home Deep Cleaning Guide

The ultimate home deep cleaning guide

The ultimate home deep cleaning guide – the heavy-duty title of this post is apt enough to justify the periphery of varied activities involved in deep cleaning a house. Before delving deeper into this topic, let us first understand the concept of Deep Cleaning.

Deep cleaning a house is not once in a blue moon activity. It is a regular regimen many families all over the world follow these days. In the UAE, a big size of population is opting for deep-cleaning services to ease up their cleaning job and make their houses hygienic and free from germs.

As a procedure, it reaches deep down the corners and areas that remain untouched during usual routine house clean-ups. In short, it can be termed as a ‘home rejuvenation’ done by the experts.

The Ultimate Home Deep Cleaning Guide

But what the ‘Deep Cleaning’ experts usually do?
Good question! Do these professionals have a magnifying glass in their eye that scrutinizes the dirt, grime, cobwebs, or dust mites in the house? Well, No! But, these professional maids have a penchant for utmost standard in cleaning that makes them Maids on Demand’s ‘Cleaning Wizards’.

So while on the job, these deep cleaning professionals target the different rooms of the house, clear the clutter and clean the tough to reach areas. As a result, you get a sparkling home filled with positivity, health and happiness.

What will you do during Deep Cleaning my house in the UAE?
To answer that, let us explain how at Maids on Demand, we conduct deep cleaning drills and keep our patron’s homes sparkling clean.

Our staff knows that each room in your households up a lot more of stories & memories and is important to the well-being of you and your family. While keeping this thought in mind, Maids on Demand’s professional teams target each room in the house and clean it as need per se.

So, the Deep Cleaning process goes beyond the conventions and targets each element in your house with utmost perfection. From the top to the bottom, not even one-inch area is left untouched.

Be it the walls or the hard to reach corners, washing the curtains, or cleaning the maze called drawers, we clean them all with our expertise. The periphery of the service is so unique, that we have to explain in the context of each room in your house.

1) Entrance Hall / Living Room – The entrance hall is the welcome zone of your house. As the first room that stands by your first impressions, we at Maids on Demand ensure it gets the befitting deep cleaning. We begin our process by Dusting and Vacuuming the room furniture, like chairs and sofas.

Our deep clean experts vacuum the spaces underneath the chairs & sofas after removing the cushions. These crevices and nooks are the breeding grounds for bacteria, mites and dust particles. So, cleaning these hard-to-reach corners is the first step to make the living room inviting.

Vacuuming is essential for carpets, and if your house has one, we make sure it is free from any dust mites. Also, we remove wall fittings like paintings, bookshelves, frames, clocks, or coffee tables to clean and polish the entire surface completely.

While doing so, special attention is paid towards handling of such delicate items. Any cracks or scratches on the furniture are also polished to perfection.

For cleaning the hard to reach ceiling areas and corners of the living room, we use telescoping pole or vacuum cleaner attachment.

Curtain laundry also forms an important part of making your living space more inviting. We know curtain washing is very difficult activity, so our experts put them in the laundry.

Besides this exhaustive list, we also ensure that the door frames, windows, channels and glass areas are cleaned with the glass cleaner. Final touches to the deep cleaning of the living room involve disinfecting the door handles.

2) Kitchen – The second most important room of the house, Kitchen holds the hearts of the families. Sadly, that doesn’t hold true in terms of cleaning. Beyond the regular cleaning of the utensils and cooking, the cabinets, drawers, chimney hobs, refrigerators, food containers keep on asking for attention in this busy rush times.

In such demanding times, Maids on Demand is always at your rescue. Our cleaning wizards know how to clean the hard to clean areas and give you back a sparkling kitchen filled with flavourful delicacies and family bonding time. Each element in the kitchen is given proper clean-up.

a. Kitchen cabinets have stubborn grease / spice stains. Our staff removes such stains without much hassle.
b. Dining table and countertops are scrubbed and sanitized.
c. Chimney hobs are soaked in soapy hot water and scrubbed till sparkly clean.
d. Appliances like microwave, oven, grinder, dishwasher, stove-tops, and toaster are cleaned.
e. Refrigerator and freezer are defrosted before removing food debris from the top to bottom. The deep cleaning extends to disposing-off the expired condiments, and products in the fridge.
f. Kitchen basin collects dirt and germs with everyday use. Maids on Demand’s professionals scrub it with a disinfectant or bleach solution to kill the bacteria and other germs.
g. Special cleaning procedures like scrubbing, mopping, vacuuming, and disinfecting the kitchen floor, tiles, and ceilings, based on the grade of stains.
Post this 360-degree clean-up, all you get is a healthy kitchen where you can not only cook the recipes but even bond over quality family time.
3) Bathroom – Clean bathrooms mean ‘Clean you’. Reiterating the importance of bathroom cleaning, Maids on Demand focus on 360° cleaning of this personal space. Right from scrubbing the tiles to cleaning mirrors, lights and basins, our team invests extra time to deep clean the corners and edges of the bathroom. Dust and grime removal is the basis of our cleaning, disinfection and sanitization. Chrome polishing the mirrors is an add-on that makes our service quite and sparkling clean.

4) Bedroom – After a day of hard work, nobody wants to share the bed with unwanted companions like dust mites, bacteria and fungus. But the reality is we do! Beds and pillows are the hotbeds of germs that make us sick. Timely deep cleaning prevents such allergic illnesses and keeps us healthy in the long run. While cleaning the bedroom, we spread the baking soda on the mattress for 1 hr and vacuum the dirt, germs and allergens. Followed by this, we do laundry for bed linens like bed skirts, shams, duvet covers, and bed sheets. Vacuum cleaning under heavy furniture like beds, cupboards, dresses is the next major step in deep cleaning the house.
All this make your bedroom a safe haven where you can get quality sleep, sweet dreams and good health.
So, after reading this extensive ultimate home deep cleaning guide, you must be thinking how inevitable it is to get your home deep cleaned. We at Maids on Demand cater to all kinds of deep cleaning all around the year, at your convenience. Date and time of cleaning are decided by our patrons, and our staff delivers efficient standards of service. That’s why ‘Maids on Demand’ is always on ‘demand.’ Our services are flexible and can be adapted to serve the families in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
The team is 100% professional and trustworthy in delivering deep cleanup needs to the utmost needs. For your convenience only, our team works to its best capabilities in giving your home a desired rejuvenating experience.

A healthy home is a happy home, and we make sure to bring happiness and smiles of satisfaction with our service, i.e. neat and tidy deep clean-up. Just book us now, and get a superlative deep cleaning experience in your comfort and convenience.