How to beat allergens indoors?

How to beat allergens indoors?

How to beat allergens indoors, Allergens are the biggest source of worry and stress for homemakers. These invisible enemies stay within your house; breed right under your nose, and make your life miserable.How to beat allergens indoors?

How to beat allergens indoors?

To add on to it, there are different forms in which these allergens register their presence and make you or your family sick.

Especially in the UAE, people are susceptible to outdoor allergens like pollen grains as well as indoor allergens like dust and mold.

According to the experts, 1/3rd of the adults living in the UAE suffer from allergies. Children in the country with weak immune system are also exposed to various allergens that can be the root cause of diseases like rhinitis, pneumonia and asthma.

How allergens harm our families?

During summer times, when humidity and dust levels are high in the air, people are susceptible to conditions like allergic rhinitis, or hay fever. When inhaled, these fine dust silica particles not only cover our nasal passage, but also reach the upper respiratory tract and lungs.

As a result, our body creates an allergic response and instant visible symptoms due to these changes are nose blocks or runny noses, itchy eyes, itchy palates and sneezing.

Why allergies are so common in the UAE?

Indoor lifestyle is also a major factor why allergies are so common in our country. The air we inhale inside our houses contain debris of dust mites along with fine silica grains and other allergens. These allergens attach to furnishings, carpets and rugs.

They even form a dust layer on furniture, table tops, wall hangings, and home appliances. Air conditioners, which are a necessity for life in the UAE, also trigger allergic reactions, if left unmaintained or not cleaned frequently.

Cold and humid ducts when not cleaned frequently become breeding zone for molds, bacteria and fungi. Such unclean air-conditioners, when used, can trigger strong allergies by transmitting these fine particles in the air.

Can you believe that? These unwanted beings not just thrive right among us, within the nooks and corners of our living spaces, and make our life miserable. Constant exposures to such allergens weaken our immunity and keep us sick in the long run.

If you have a toddler or children at home, you must be knowing about the harshness of allergens and effects on their tender functioning. If they are exposed to allergens and pollution continuously, this affects their growth and health.

You all must be wondering, what solution we have to defy this underlying problem when we are all surrounded by allergens, all around the year.

The solution is SIMPLE! Instead of running to the doctors for allergy medicines or antihistamines, check the nooks and corners of your house, you will find an answer to beat allergies.

To know more about how to win a war against allergens, follow these simple steps mentioned in our next section.

Steps to beat the allergens

1. Regular Dusting – Your home is a place of comfort, but accumulation of dust over various surfaces of the house makes it an uncomfortable experience. As mentioned earlier, dust is the breeding ground for millions of dust mites, the tiny organisms that feed off house dust and moisture in the air.

These are one of the common indoor allergens that cause allergies like sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes, wheezing, tightness in the chest and uneasiness. The climate in the UAE is warm & humid, hence a perfect ground for dust mites to thrive.

These dust mites are often found on the surfaces, which if dusted regularly, can reduce dust allergies to a great extent. Our regular maid service caters to the inevitable need of dusting and cleaning the household up to the set benchmarks.

2. Sofa Cleaning – An important element of your ideal living zone, Sofa sets are also the biggest gathering zone of allergens, dirt and bacteria. Without regular cleaning, dirt, dust and molds on sofa sets can be the potential hazard for the health of entire family.

Professional sofa set cleaning service targets such hidden enemies in your living zone, and clean your upholstery and sofa furniture from all contaminants. Our sofa cleaning service empowers the homemakers in the UAE with the superb sofa cleaning options.

Special provisions and standards are maintained while cleaning different sofa materials like suede, leather and textile. Vacuuming and steam cleaning are the best ways with which our professional team works to provide an ideal living space for you and your family.

3. Carpet Cleaning – Carpets not only add grace and warmth to the living space, but also make it inviting for your family and guests. But some uninvited guests like bacteria, molds and dust mite particles too make it their homes, if left unclean for the long time. If your family has children or pets, then the carpets act as a hazardous zone for your health.

They trap food particles, stains, fur, and even mud or sand and convert your living space into a breeding ground of allergens. The solution – timely and routine cleaning of carpet.

At Maids on Demand, our cleaning wizards give special importance to carpet sanitization through Steam Cleaning sans any chemicals. The organic process destroys 99.99% of visible or invisible germs (bacteria, molds, dirt, stains, fur, etc) and is eco-friendly.

The intense heat generated through steam cleaning sanitizes the entire hallway as well. Isn’t it great? Next, we will beat allergens that hang over the curtains.

4. Curtain Cleaning – We always keep curtains down to block light and heat entering our indoor spaces. But lest do we know that curtain cleaning plays an important role in creating healthy living spaces.

It wouldn’t be unfair to say that curtain cleaning curtails the growth of germs, mold, dirt and bacteria. Regular cleaning keeps indoor air quality at its best and Maids on Demand staff makes sure that dust, dirt, spot or stains are removed without affecting the beauty and quality of curtain fabrics.

5. Mattress Cleaning – mattress cleaning is a matter of concern if you are really concerned about your health. If somebody in your family is suffering from allergies, then you must know that mattresses are a hotbed of allergens. Even when you dust the bed, change the sheets frequently or vacuum the mattress.

This is because lots of dust mites, molds and bacteria grow deep within it that cause various respiratory problems and skin allergies. To prevent that, professional deep cleaning of a mattress is an ideal escape.

Maids on Demand’s team understands that the secret to good health lies in deep sleep and our staff works relentlessly to provide top quality mattress cleaning solutions to our patrons.

6. Bathroom Cleaning – A bathroom is a breeding ground for various indoor allergens. Blame it on the moisture and humid conditions that breed bacteria and molds. In other words, we can easily say that it is your personal space invaded by bacteria and various indoor allergens.

To prevent them from affecting your health, deep cleaning of the bathroom is the viable solution. This process curtails the growth of germs and molds, decrease the presence of allergens in your home.

We at Maids on Demand hope that the knowledge about the allergen breeding zones in your home can help you manage these germs and relieve the allergy symptoms indoors. In other words, we can easily say that cleanliness can help you beat the allergens in your living zone.

It can be also said that ideal cleaning techniques can help you win a war against allergens in your home. Our professional and trusted team can be your ‘knights in shining armour’. They can help your family achieve an ideal indoor living space, and even prevent unwanted infections and lots of discomfort.

So, what are you waiting for? Book a specialized clean-up of your house and free it from allergen’s attacks.