Deep Clean Your Dubai and Abu Dhabi Home in 7 Days

Being in Dubai, it’s hard to find time to clean your home but you’ve made it certain that this time you will make sure to clean. Instead of overwhelming yourself and doing the entire cleaning in one go, this article will help you breakdown your deep cleaning process in 7 days.

Day 1, Kitchen:

A kitchen requires general daily cleaning after every meal. But deep cleaning includes the surface, cabinets, big appliances, etc. Here are certain things you need to do a deep clean:


Remove items from the fridge and clean the shelves one by one. If possible, remove the self and clean them with warm soapy water. Drawers are usually removable and therefore should be washed the same way as the removable shelves. Also, clean the small shelves inside the door. Pay special attention to the handles while cleaning the outside of the fridge.


Use special oven cleaners if you don’t own a self-cleaning oven. You may consider lining the bottom with aluminum foil for easy cleaning of standard ovens in the future.


Wash the removable trays with warm, soapy water for the best results. Use an all-purpose cleaner (if needed) to remove and scrub the microwave.

Small appliances: 

Remove all waste and dirt from appliances first. Then, wipe out the surfaces of all the small appliances.

Cabinets, shelves & drawers: 

Use an all-purpose cleaner with a damp rag and clean all the spills, splatters and remove spots from there. You may also involve kids if needed for this activity.


Use an all-purpose cleaner to clean the counter-taps. Ensure to remove everything from the countertop and then only wipe it down.

Day 2, Bathroom:

Bathrooms need to be cleaned on a regular basis else it will become untidy quickly. The most common areas where you will need special attention would be tub & shower. Follow the below steps to deep clean your bathroom:


Remove and wash shower caddy if you have it in your bathroom. You may even need to replace it. Use an old toothbrush and bathroom cleaner to clean the showerhead, like Soft Scrub. You can also use heavy-duty cleaners to remove soap scum build-up or removing stains. In order to clean tub jets and other areas that are hard to reach and clean, use an old toothbrush.

Sinks and counter-tops: 

Remove everything from the counter and sink with a bathroom cleaner. Scrub the dirt near the drains and faucets using a toothbrush.


Put some cleaner in the toilet and spread around using a toilet brush. Leave it to soak for a while to remove stains.

Cabinets and drawers: 

Clean it with an all-purpose cleaner.


Day 3, Bathroom

Declutter your bedroom first and then follow the below steps to clean the bedroom:

  • Use the vacuum cleaner with attachments to remove dust from the furniture.
  • Use little glass cleaner to clean the glasses.
  • Wipe & clean the headboards, bedposts & footboards.


Day 4, Clean Curtains & Blinds

A vacuum cleaner can be used to clean drapes and blinds on a day-to-day basis. But if a lot of dirt is accumulated, Here’s how you can it:

  • Drapes have to be washed in the laundry.
  • A damp cloth should be used to clean blinds.
  • Remember to wipe the window sills.
  • Use a high-quality glass cleaner to clean windows.

Day 5, Clean Lights & Fans

Ceiling fans and light fixtures accumulate a lot of dust and regular dusting is not enough. Here are some ways you can clean them:

  • Wipe the dust from fans and high light fixtures by using a ladder. Be very careful while wiping them.
  • Use a lightly damped microfiber cloth or rag to clean it.
  • If there is a lot of dirt accumulated in the lights, you may need to take it down and wash it.

Day 6, Cleaning Floors

Even after regular cleaning, you may notice build-up around the edges and corners of the floor. Here are some tips for cleaning the floor:

  • To clean the areas which are difficult to reach, you a vacuum cleaner attachment or a broomstick.
  • Use a small amount of cleaner mixed with warm water and damp the mop with it.
  • Wipe down baseboards while you are cleaning the edges of the floor.

Your home is now clean and hygienic. But you need to maintain this else the dirt & dust will get accumulated again. If you can’t commit to frequent deep cleaning, not to worry! We provide deep cleaning service all across Dubai and with our professional and highly qualifies staff members so that you can sit & relax on your off days. Also, the good part is we have spreaded our wings & started our deep cleaning services across Abu Dhabi recently, book now & enjoy best deals!