Things To Action Before Moving To A New Home

You’ve found a new residence which fulfills all your needs and ticked off all your essential requirements. Access to public transportation, gym & swimming pool available, schools & hospitals near your area could be some of the many things which your new place can offer.

Before you start moving and packing, you need to consider certain more things about the new home. It could be the maintenance checks, updation of your resident address, etc. These things may not be that important but if not considered, it could lead to certain unforeseen problems in the future.

It is therefore recommended that such things are taken into consideration and actioned accordingly before you shift to your new residence.

before moving

Here are some of the things you need to consider before you move to a new home:

  • Change The Locks

    The first thing you need to do is to change the locks of the main door and elsewhere in the home. The new lock helps you to secure your property and no one else living prior to you at that particular home could enter. Safeguarding your home is important and therefore this should be the very first action taken to gain peace of mind. Also, if you change the locks before you move in the goods, you will be safe from exposing your items from getting it stolen during the shifting process.

  • Update Your Location

    It is crucial to update your location for the legal purpose. Banks, Government related agencies, are some of the places where you need to update your location first. You may also have certain E-Commerce websites and apps where you will need to update your location if you are a frequent user of it. Amazon, Zomato, Uber are some apps where you will need to update your location.

  • Switch On The Utilities

    Check with concerned the local authorities to switch on electricity and water at your new apartment. Ensure to transfer the ownership of it under your name and check them at your home once they are switched on. You may also need to change light bulbs or make electrical upgrades that are recommended to action before you move in.

  • Check For Leaks

    Make sure that your home does not contain any leakages. Common places where leakages occur are Kitchen and Washrooms but it could be from the Air Conditioner of the living room or bedroom. Double-check the meter as well to make sure to check the water meter readings and ensure they are proper.

  • Swap Toilet Seats

    You or your family members might not be comfortable using an old toilet seat and therefore it is recommended to change it before you move into your new home. You can also opt for a new detachable toilet seat. You will feel relaxed and gain peace of mind by doing so.

  • Check Smoke Alarms

    Most of the homes come with a built-in smoke detector system that comes with sprinklers kept near them. Ensure that the smoke alarms are working well and sprinklers are activated immediately after detecting the smoke. This will guarantee the safety of your home in case a smoke incident occurs at your home.

  • Locate Your Circuit Breaker & Water Valves

    Before you move to your new residence, check for the circuit breaker and understand how to operate it. This can come in handy when for some reason there is a problem in electric output. Also, check for water shutoff valves in case a leak appears in the future. Instead of panicking, you will be to able to activate it easily in the future, if a water leak happens.

  • Clean The Cabinets & Closets

    Make sure to completely clean off the built-in cabinets and closets before you move in and start unpacking. It is also recommended to do pest control before you move in. This will completely clean off your wardrobe and cabinet and you won’t need to worry about bugs roaming around.
    If needed book a move in cleaning service in advance online before moving in.

  • Maintenance Check For Home Appliances

    Before you move or install your home appliances in the new home, ensure to clean and do a maintenance check on them. It could be cleaning your stove, making sure the fridge is cooling properly or cleaning out the air filters of your air conditioner. A new home deserves a fresh new start and therefore it’s important they are well maintained.

  • Internet & Telephone Connection

    Life without a Wi-Fi connection is impossible to think of nowadays. Activate your internet plan prior to shifting your home so that the people residing can enjoy browsing the internet once they are settled in. Also, activate your landline connection as it comes in handy for emergency purposes.