How to Deep Clean Your Entire Home

Cleaning your home regularly is a tedious task. It is not easy to maintain your dining hall, living room and bedroom in perfect condition, all the time. And if you have frequent visitors (especially the ones who do not inform you in advance) then it is crucial to keep every single spot extremely tidy.

It is important to live in a hygienic house for your health along with other members living with you. If your home environment is hygienic and well cleaned, you will feel relaxed, gain peace of mind and get a good sleep without the fear of bugs and insects running all over the house.

Also, it is always recommended to deep clean your house once in 3 months to keep the home hygienic & maintain a healthy environment at home.

deep cleaning

Here are some tips and things to look out for while cleaning your home:



Pile everything in one spot, from the floor and cupboard (This could be your bed). Cover it with a bed sheet or two.

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Use a wet cloth followed by a dry towel and run through the fan blades, the portion behind the fan connected to the ceiling, cot’s surface, window grills and sills, all four dimensions of the door including doorknobs and then sweep and mop the floor. Pay attention to the lines between the tiles and the places where the walls meet the floor.


A bedroom is a place we spend 27% of our day to day life. When deep cleaning has happened, the energy flow within the room is amplified to have an impact on our lives.

Dining and Kitchen

The kitchen is where life flows from. We try to put off cleaning this place as we assume it’s too long to implement change or it’s too time-consuming. Here are some ways to make it easy for you.



Start cleaning from left to right until you reach the place you had begun. Have some garbage bags, and boxes arranged. Work one shelf at a time. Set up a stage outside the kitchen, as stated earlier for the bedroom.

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Start cleaning shelf by shelf, from the refrigerator to the kitchen drawers, and then the cabinet
one by one. Transport each area to the stage and put them into different categories, one for plates, cups and other for crockeries. So will it be for the cooking ingredients, Pulses, powders, and cereals, etc?

Once you have segmented the entire kitchen on the stage outside. You also get an idea of how many items has crossed the expiry date. You can discard the ones which are past its expiration date.

It makes it easier to clean the entire space, don’t miss the spaces below the burners, fridge and washing machine or dishwashing machines. The windows, floor vents, the vacuum and then the floor in itself at last.

Now after you have discarded what you do not need, start arranging rack by rack. Donate anything that has not been used for two months and has a shelf life.


Do you realize you have kept this a pest-free zone by now? It does not keep you clean alone but it also keeps you healthy. You have now donated things that you have not used and you know what you need to purchase. This helps you save money for your next purchase as you are now aware of what items you have and what you need to buy. Cleaning kitchen gives you a clear picture of what you have in the kitchen.

Living Room/Hall

The living room is the place that’s mostly occupied by everyone and hence it has more chances to get messier and dirtier. The most scattered and as tough as it may seem to be, it’s the easiest to clean.


We will follow the top-down approach. Here’s the checklist of things you need to clean in the living room.

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  • The digital devices like laptops, TV, play stations and telephone.
  • Stands
  • Remote controls
  • Coffee tables
  • Extension cables
  • Top of every furniture
  • Showcase
  • Vacuum the sofa
  • Clean the coasters and toys.
  • Clean below the sofa sets
  • Behind the windows and doors
  • Shampoo the carpets and keep them in sunlight
  • Front and back of the main entrance door


By keeping your hall clean, you won’t panic when an uninvited or a guest at a short notice arrives and rings the doorbell. You will feel good and have a sense of accomplishment. Ensure you have dusted the room and spray an air freshener to give it an amazing aroma.