Full-Time or Part-Time: Which Type of Maid To Hire

Often families and people living in sharing hire maids to get the basic chores done as they need to utilize their time for other activities and can’t spend time cleaning their homes.

Some families opt for full-time maids as they have other obligations to fulfill and have a lot of requirements at home which can not be fulfilled by family members alone. While others might opt for a part-time maid who would either come every day for a couple of hours, every alternate day or even once a week depending on what’s been mutually agreed.


Here are the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a full-time versus a part-time maid:-

Advantages of a Full-Time Maid:

  • More Time:

    After a long day at work or coming home late at night after an event, you don’t need to worry about cleaning up your home, every single day, if you have a full-time maid. You can also focus on doing more activities for your personal and professional growth by having a full-time maid to take care of everyday chores.

  • Child Care:

    If you are a working couple with kids staying at home or going to school, someone needs to look after them all the time. A trustable full-time maid can take care of your child while you are away from home.

  • Party Cleaning:
    If you’ve hosted an event at your home and have a part-time maid working for you, they may not volunteer to come to your home and clean it as their schedules are not flexible. With an in-house maid, they are easily available to take care of a post-event cleanup. This is important if you host a number of events at your home.

Disadvantages of a Full-Time Maid:

  • Financial Cost:

    It goes without saying that having a full-time maid is a costly thing. Opt for a full-time maid only if it’s worth your budget and lifestyle requirements. Hire a full-time maid if it’s worth the convenience they offer.

  • Responsibility:

    There are legal obligations to be fulfilled in order to have a full-time maid at your home. You will not only need to sponsor their visa but also provide them with accommodation and other benefits. This leads to an additional cost other than their salary.

  • Lack of Privacy:

    Since a full-time maid spends a lot of time at your residence, all your personal details and items kept at home are already known to them. This could lead to a lack of privacy and you may not be able to trust them completely by sharing all the details about your life with them.

Advantages of a Part-Time Maid:

  • Affordable:

    As compared to a full-time maid, part-time maids are more affordable as they are paid by the hour or number of days they will be coming to work at your home. This way, you can get your daily chores done and will not be a huge burden on your wallet.

  • No Responsibility:

    For part-time maids, you are not legally responsible for them, the company from where you hire a maid, is responsible for them. This means that you don’t need to sponsor their visa, take care of their benefits or provide them with transportation and accommodation.

  • More Privacy:

    Since a part-time maid only works for a couple of hours a day or on certain days of the week, they have limited information about your personal life and about physical items kept at your home. This means you have your privacy intact and need not worry about it.

Disadvantages of a Part-Time Maid:

  • Flexibility:

    Part-time maids only work for a couple of hours on certain days. This means that they may not be available if you need them at a different hour of the day. Also, if for some reason you have to go out or attend an event, your part-time maid might be reluctant to change and reschedule the appointment to clean your home.

  • No Child Care:

    If you are a working couple, you can’t expect your part-time maid to take care of your kids. They are only available on certain hours as they are paid accordingly and therefore will not be able to look after your kids, all day.

  • Limited Scope of Work:

    Part-time maids have a very limited scope of work which may not include all the things you need to clean. They may vacuum your hall and clean your kitchen but may not clean your washroom and do laundry for you. This could lead to a lack of fulfilling all your requirements and you may personally end up doing some of the chores.