A Cleaning Guide For Your Fabric Couch

Couch is a resting place for the people living in your apartment who would want to either watch TV, surf the internet or just relax and take a nap on it. It is also a place where you would either eat or make notes for some work you might be doing and therefore might end up slipping some small crumbs of your food or pens under the couch.

Couch is the place where we spent most of the time during the day. If kept unclean, it could lead to an increase in insects and bugs which would lead to an unhygienic environment. Therefore, It is essential to keep it clean and ensure to make it an insect-free area. It might seem difficult at first as to how to go about cleaning a sofa but this guide will make it easy for you to do so.

Here are some ways to keep your fabric couch clean:

Fabric Couch 1

  • Read Manufacture’s Instructions:

    Before applying any detergents, cleaning agents or solvents, always check for the instructions sent from the manufacturer. This will help you understand what type of cleaning agents are to be used on the particular type of material. If cleaning agents are used without reading the instructions, then your couch could be damaged permanently. Therefore, it is advised to read the instructions before you start the cleaning process.

  • Remove Stains:

    If a spill or stain occurs, remove it as soon as possible. If the stain or spill is not treated on time, it could settle in and would get harder for you to remove afterward. Use the right cleaning agents and detergents and apply only on the stains and not their entire area. Use a cup or bottle cap to measure the quantity of the cleaning agent.

  • Remove Loose Particles:

    Use a stiff brush to remove dust and dirt from the entire couch. This will remove any and all particles which stayed over the couch from the top. Take all the dirt on one side of the couch, use a dustpan to take all the dirt unto it and discard it in the trash can. All the dust is removed and all the solid remains from the surface will be gone.

  • Vaccum:

    Since we tend to eat on the sofa while watching TV or browsing the internet, there could be food crumbs and other small waste particles that won’t be seen on the top of the sofa. These are usually found under the seat of the sofa or on the sides. This can’t be removed using a brush as they have to be bought on the surface first. Use a vacuum to pull such remains out of it before scrubbing. There are small vacuum cleaners available (mainly used to clean cars) which could use for cleaning the sofa.

  • Use Baking Soda:

    Baking soda has more purpose than just baking. It can be used as a cleaning agent to remove deep-set stains on couches. It can help remove bad odor and loosen the stains by sprinkling it over the couch.

    You can also make your own baking soda solution at home. Take a bowl and mix equal parts of baking soda and water. Let the baking soda sit for about 15-20 minutes. Once the baking soda has removed the stains, use a brush or a vacuum to clean it from the surface.

  • Utilize Recommended Products:

    Start cleaning your couch with a recommended cleaning solvent. Using the recommended solvents helps you to clean the couch without any damage. If you are not sure whether a particular solvent is right for cleaning your couch, test it on a small portion of your couch which is not visible and observe if any discoloration takes place. Follow the instruction on the package in order to clean it properly, without causing any damage.

  • Dry it Using Soft Towel:

    Cleaning with a solvent and water means your couch will be wet and you won’t be able to sit on it, immediately after cleaning it. To dry it off, pat down all the wet areas with a dry cloth (preferably a towel) so that moisture gets soaked up. Once all the wet areas are dried off, gently remove any remaining cleaning solvent using a brush.

  • Let it Air Dry:

    Even though you have dried it off using a dry towel, your couch might be still wet. Let it dry off overnight to ensure it has 100% dried off. Avoid sitting on it until then, if possible, as it might still be slightly wet.

If you don’t have the right equipment & adequate time it is always preferable to book a professional service for sofa and chair cleaning online