Move In / Move Out Cleaning

Dubai, is home to thousands of people. There are people moving in and out of Dubai almost every single day. But moving in or out is not a simple task at your hands. It is an extremely time taking process and you might not always be able to take out time in between your other important tasks that also need to be performed. This is where Maids on Demand comes into picture. Hiring our team for move in move out cleaning services will give you those few extra hours you need.

When you hire our team we guarantee you to provide you the best move in cleaning services in Dubai. We make sure to consider every single aspect that is needed while a move in/ move out.

Move in cleaning services

Our moving in cleaning services include our team of professionals vacuuming and cleaning all the nook and corner of your house making sure your house is clean and dust free. If there is pest control done we ask our team providing the move in cleaning services to clean the space thoroughly with extra caution to provide you a safe home. Our move in cleaning services Dubai team makes sure all the cupboards and cabinets are in good condition. Every single detail is looked upon so that you and your family can move in to a place you can call home.

Move out cleaning services

The moving out process can be a little tiresome compared to a moving in process. But our moving out cleaning services team has everything under control. Starting from cleaning the entire apartment to scrubbing the floors to clear all the grime and soot in the kitchen and disinfecting all the appliances. Our move out cleaning services team makes sure to handle everything on your behalf.

We at Maids on Demand provide you our move in/move out cleaning services at very affordable rates so you do not need to think twice. What are you waiting for contact us today to receive the best move in cleaning services in Dubai as well as the move out cleaning.

Water tank Cleaning

Water tank cleaning services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi - Maids on Demand

3/4th of a human body contains water which is why drinking clean, grime free and germ free water is extremely important and necessary. We all know the importance of drinking clean water but yet sometimes we forget to check the tanks where the water that comes to us is stored. Cleaning the water tanks at least once a year should be given utmost priority by hiring professional water tank cleaning services. At Maids on Demand we understand the importance of safe drinking water.Periodically hiring water tank cleaning services should be a must because the unclean water starts to develop germs which in turn would lead to various water borne diseases. As it is always said prevention is better than cure, so hire our team and receive the best water tank cleaning services in Dubai because we value you and your family’s health.

Water tank Cleaning in Dubai by Maids on Demand

By hiring our team you will get a highly satisfied water tank cleaning service but not only this, water you use every day would be grime and soot free. There would be no sediment deposit in the water. Rust and erosion of the pipes and tank will be taken care of . All sorts of blockage will be removed and any other problems related to the water tank will be addressed. Our water tank cleaning services will not disappoint you.

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority and we make sure our customers our happy and content with our water tank cleaning services. Our water tank cleaning in Dubai is easily affordable, so you do not have to think twice before hiring our team. Not only do you get the best professional water tank cleaning services in Dubai but the same at very cheap rates.

We provide you professionals who use the latest methods and disinfection techniques to clean the water tanks. Place your trust in our team and Maids on Demand will not make you feel dissatisfied. You will receive only the best water tank cleaning services because you definitely deserve the best.

Curtain Cleaning

Expert curtain cleaning in Abu Dhabi & Dubai

Curtains are just like accessories. They add that little extra zeal you need to make your home interiors go from average to beautiful. Curtains not only add that colour but it also acts as an air filter and prevents the harsh sunlight from entering. While it acts an air filter, it also traps all the dust and dust mites that come along making the indoor air impure. This could lead to various respiratory problems and make your curtain look dull and dirty. Doing a regular cleaning is necessary, but going for an occasional in-depth spring-cleaning by a team of professional can thoroughly clean your curtains and make it look brand new.
Maids on Demand offers wide range cleaning services, including professional curtain cleaning in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. As a premier housekeeping company, our aim is to help our clients maintain cleanliness and retain the beauty of their spaces through our service. Whether you are looking for someone to do some couch cleaning or a professional to correctly do an excellent curtain steaming, we got you covered.

Reliable couch cleaning in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

Here at Maids on Demand, we understand how important it is for our clients to keep the indoor air quality at its best. So we take it up in our hands to provide you the best curtain cleaning to ensure that dust and dirt are thoroughly removed from the material. We also guarantee to take off any spot or stains that can mar the beauty of the fabric.

Curtain Cleaning Services in Dubai and Abu Dubai - Maids On Demand

We invest in the latest cleaning equipment to carefully vacuum and steam your couches and curtains. We only use high-quality cleaning agents and disinfectants to remove any bad odour while maintaining the integrity of the material and avoiding allergies caused by strong chemicals.

A qualified team of cleaning professionals at your service

Customer satisfaction for us is of high importance. We work to make our customers happy. Our team of highly-qualified cleaning professionals can deliver in-depth cleaning that is suitable for every client’s need. They will work together with the clients to know your requirements and make sure that the task is accomplished in accordance with their needs and satisfaction.

Get your curtains cleaned and steamed a professional!

Simply let us know your requirements and we will give a service plan that will suit your every need. Call us on +971 55 841 0030 or get in touch by completing our online booking form.

Mattress Cleaning

Maids On Demand – Providing Top Quality Mattress Cleaning Services In Abu Dhabi

A good night sleep is a crucial factor in a person’s life. But have you ever wondered about what accompanies you to bed every night? This sounds very scary, but it is true - there are thousands of bed bugs and other bacteria that are present in your mattress. Apart from that, there are stains, hair stands and dust too. Even though you change the sheets and vacuum your mattresses regularly, at times it might not be enough. These bed bugs might be deep inside the mattress, creating a small haven for themselves. Cleaning the mattresses on your own at home is not recommended. You should hire a professional team for a deep mattress cleaning in Abu Dhabi to ensure that you and your family remain safe against bugs and dust!

Top Quality Mattress Cleaning Services In Abu Dhabi At Affordable Rates

Matress Steam Cleaning Service Near Me in Dubai and Abu Dhabi - Maids On Demand

The team at Maids on Demand is here to clean out your mattresses as professionally as possible. We understand the importance of a clean mattress, and we want you and your family to have good night sleep. We realize that unclean mattresses might even lead to the onset of various respiratory diseases, and our services are just what you need to get rid of all the pollution. We make sure to do away with all the dust and bed bugs that might be present deep inside your mattress. Not only this, our team also removes any spots or stains, irrespective of how big or small they are in size. Your mattress will be given back to you just as new. The entire process is done on both sides of the mattress and that too within a very small amount of time

We always want our customers to be happy, and we are flexible to their requirements. Prices are not something you should worry about because we are dedicated to providing you with the best services at rates that are easily affordable and pocket-friendly.

If your and your family’s health is important to you, then contact us right away and get your mattresses cleaned out by a team of thorough professionals.

Carpet Cleaning

The Premium Provider Of Carpet Cleaning Services In Abu Dhabi

A carpet is always a beautiful addition to your home. It not only brings a lot of color to your house, it also adds a little elegance and poise on the whole. But with the UAE’s climatic conditions, maintaining its cleanliness can be a herculean task. Vacuuming the place might not always be as effective as you want it to be. This is why it is always better to hire professionals for carpet cleaning in Abu Dhabi for a better and more satisfactory experience.

Contact Us For World Class Sofa Carpet Cleaning In Dubai

At Maids on Demand, we take utmost pride in providing the best carpet and sofa cleaning services in Abu Dhabi. We will look upon and take care of all the stains, dirt or mud on your behalf. Starting from small spots, which are not visible to the naked eye, to big prominent marks made by spilled beverages or food, our experts of carpet clean-ups and sofa shampooing will look into every little detail providing you with the finest solutions and services possible.

Carpet cleaning, washing and shampooing services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi - Maids On Demand

We Are Here To Satiate All Your Cleaning Needs

The indoor air is as crucial as the outdoor air. Our team understands how important this is, and makes sure to provide you and your family with dust free and clean air. We handle each carpet with care, realizing the fact that every carpet might require a different sort of cleaning. We understand your every need and give your carpet the cleanup that it needs. Our primary aim and motive is to keep our customers happy, and that is what drives us to provide our clients with a world class experience.

We are renowned for providing elite level sofa and carpet clean up services at very affordable rates. So, if you are looking for trustworthy professionals for a thorough clean up, then your search has finally come to an end. Contact us and our team will be at your doorstep in no time to deliver the best services!

Sofa / Chair Cleaning

Leather Sofa Deep Cleaning Services in Duba and Abu Dhabi - Maids On Demand

After slogging all day at work all you want to do is come home and cuddle up on the sofa to spend some quality time with your television. The most used up piece of furniture is the sofa in your living room but have you ever wondered, is your sofa clean? You might spend hours vacuuming your sofa to realize there still might be bacteria, dust mites and dust particles that pollute your sofa. It is often suggested by experts that you should get your sofa cleaned every six months by hiring professional sofa cleaning services so that you can spend hours on your sofa without worrying about the adverse effects of a polluted sofa.

At Maids on Demand we provide you with the best sofa cleaning services in Dubai at highly affordable rates. We clean, sanitize and remove marks from your sofa and make just as new. The sofa defines your living room and a clean sofa not only enhances the beauty of your room and but also adds a few extra years to the life of your sofa. Our sofa cleaning services will make you happy and offers you a blissful sofa experience.

The sofa cleaning services provided at Maids on Demand

Our experts provide sofa cleaning services and make sure to take care of all the tough stains and target every nook and corner providing you with a sparkling clean sofa. We pattern our sofa cleaning services according to the needs of your sofa; be it extra deep cleaning or just a simple wash. We make sure to fulfil all your requirements and needs.

The professional team of Maids on Demand makes sure to check your sofas to provide you the best experience and this is done by following a series of steps. We begin by checking the upholstery to decide the type of cleaning your sofa needs. This is further followed by removal of dust and sand with the help of industrial vacuum cleaners. Any spots or stains are treated using a cleaning agent. Finally by using hot water extraction method a thorough cleaning is done to remove the water and any remaining cleaning agent.

If you are thinking to give your sofa a thorough clean up then your search has ended here. Contact our team at Maids on Demand for a highly satisfied sofa cleaning services in Dubai.

Deep Cleaning / Move-in Move Out Cleaning

Deep Cleaning Services Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi - Maids on Demand

The Leading Provider Of Home Cleaning Services In Abu Dhabi

We clean our homes every single day, but there are certain areas in our home that remain neglected. This mainly includes cupboards, upper shelves, storage areas and garages; these areas house a lot of bacteria and dust as they remain unnoticed for a long span of time. Finally, when you decide to attack the area, it might not be as simple a task to be done alone. Just thinking about it might get you really lethargic. Hiring Maids on Demand can solve all your problems as we provide you world class deep cleaning services in Abu Dhabi. You can sit back and relax while our team will get down to business and make your house spic and span in no time.

We Deliver Top Quality House Cleaning Services In Abu Dhabi

Our team believes in keeping the customers happy, and to ensure this, we work according to their requirements and needs. When you get in touch with us, we will initially sketch out a plan according to your needs. As a trusted cleaning company, we assure you that our team of professionals will provide you with the best clean out solutions and services as they understand the importance of a neat and tidy home.

Deep Cleaning Services Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi - Maids on Demand

Our expert team begins by surveying the areas in your home that need to be cleaned. Once done, they make your house sparkling clean with the required equipment and tried and tested cleaning techniques. They take care of every small area, be it the corners or the mirrors, and even the stubborn marks in the kitchen - we make sure to handle all of it.

A Dedicated Team Of Cleaning Experts

We take utmost pride in boasting of a professional team that is 100% reliable and trustworthy. Our staff members are highly flexible and understand the importance of your deep cleanup needs, and make sure to cater to all of your requirements. A happy home is our primary and key motive, and we believe that a happy and healthy home can be achieved only if we pay attention to keep our house clean and tidy – and that is just what we are here to help you out with.

So call now and schedule your appointment with Maids on Demand to benefit from deep cleaning services delivered by thorough professionals.

House Keeping / Maid Service

Best Maid Services Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi - Maids On Demand

Are you working full time with little or no time on your hands to complete all your household chores? Are you looking for reliable and trustworthy house maid services? Your search has ended here. At Maids on Demand we provide you the perfect house maid services in Dubai.

Our house cleaning services are provided by trained maids who are efficient, professional and value your time and money. A clean home results in a happy home and we are here to keep you and your family happy. We provide you services according to your needs, starting from a brisk cleaning to an elaborate in depth cleaning we have trained maids for every little need.

You might think that hiring a house cleaning maid would cost you a fortune but hiring our team will help you set aside those concepts. We provide you affordable and reliable house maid services just as per your needs and requirements.

At Maids on Demand we provide the best maid services in Dubai that look after your every cleaning requirement. Our team understand the value of a clean a home and guarantee you a clean home at highly efficient prices. We can style our services to suit your necessities providing you with the best experience.

Our team is built of members who are highly efficient, value your time and money and are capable of completing any herculean task given to them according to your instructions. We make sure to keep up with the expectation placed in us by the customers to give them a highly satiated experience altogether.

With Maids on Demand not only are you treated with capable, trustworthy and skilled maid services but also to a spotless clean home, and all this is just a click away. So click and experience the best maid services in Dubai you could acquire.