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A carpet is always a beautiful addition to your home. It not only brings a lot of color to your house, it also adds a little elegance and poise on the whole. But with the UAE’s climatic conditions, maintaining its cleanliness can be a herculean task. Vacuuming the place might not always be as effective as you want it to be. This is why it is always better to hire professionals for carpet cleaning in Abu Dhabi and Dubai for a better and more satisfactory experience.

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At Maids on Demand, we take utmost pride in providing the best carpet and sofa cleaning services in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. We will look upon and take care of all the stains, dirt or mud on your behalf. Starting from small spots, which are not visible to the naked eye, to big prominent marks made by spilled beverages or food, our experts of carpet clean-ups and sofa shampooing will look into every little detail providing you with the finest solutions and services possible.

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The indoor air is as crucial as the outdoor air. Our team understands how important this is, and makes sure to provide you and your family with dust free and clean air. We handle each carpet with care, realizing the fact that every carpet might require a different sort of cleaning. We understand your every need and give your carpet the cleanup that it needs. Our primary aim and motive is to keep our customers happy, and that is what drives us to provide our clients with a world class experience.

We are renowned for providing elite level sofa and carpet clean up services at very affordable rates. So, if you are looking for trustworthy professionals for a thorough clean up, then your search has finally come to an end. Contact us and our team will be at your doorstep in no time to deliver the best services!

Carpet steam cleaning

Carpet steam cleaning, also known as hot water extraction cleaning is a method of cleaning your carpet, which involves the injection of hot water in the carpet with intense pressure and removal of the water after that.

Why should you use steam cleaning for cleaning your carpets?
It destroys 99.99% of visible/invisible bacteria (mold, fungus, dust mites and germs, including bed bugs)
It is suitable for people with allergies, as only water is used

Steam temperature sanitizes nearly all surfaces of the household
After removal of the water, the grime and dirt will remain with the water extracted. This will clean the carpet. When you employ an efficient steam cleaner, they make use of good cleaning agents to pre-treat the stains on the carpet for easy removal. They use a pre-spray feature to reduce the surface tension of the carpet. This gives room for easy penetration of water deep into your carpet before it is extracted.

Whether it is your home or commercial space, people mostly clean a carpet when they notice dirt or debris on it. Steam cleaning your carpet and upholstery improves the appearance and the life of the carpet and upholstery. It also improves indoor air quality and smell.

When your kids are back-to-school is an ideal time to clean the carpets cleaned. The weather is still warm, which means carpets typically dry by the time kids come back home. Don’t forget to add ‘clean the carpets’ to your to-do list and give us a call to schedule your cleaning!

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Effective Cleaning
The steam cleaner utilizes steam while working. The intense heat it produces does not leave any chance for germs to survive. Bacteria do exist; we cannot see them with our naked eyes, but the cleaner terminates them with ease. We all know that high temperature easily eliminates germs.

Although it is beneficial, you should also mind the type of surface for which carpet steam cleaning can be used. There is a tendency that it can have some adverse effects on certain surfaces; this means you have to avoid these surfaces.

A steam cleaner is useful to disinfect and clean your carpets efficiently.
It goes without saying that you can clean effectively only when you have removed all the clutter from your room. You should also remove all the dust using a dust cloth.
Do you know how carpets get grease on the carpets? Even cooking oil can cause microscopic drops of grease that gets suspended in the air. Eventually, they will settle on the carpeting. This grease then attracts more dirt to the carpet.

Appropriate for cleaning hard surfaces
You will undoubtedly get the best results when you use a steam cleaner on hard surfaces. It is because the amount of heat the machine produces has little or no effects on the hard surfaces. The steam cleaner, in turn, uses that intense heat to kill the germs on the surface. You should also put into consideration that carpets have a high affinity for water.

You don’t have to spend money on cleaning chemicals
Every regular cleaner employs cleaning agents. These cleaning agents tend to put your pets and children in harm's way if not checked properly. You do not have to worry about that while using steam cleaners because they do not require any form of chemicals. It is an excellent option to consider if you have kids or pets in the house. The intense heat is the only tool it employs to keep your home clean. In other words, carpet steam cleaning is entirely eco-friendly.

If you are paranoid about using chemicals, there is a better option. Using vinegar is an ideal option for cleaning.

If you are in search of a tool to use for almost every surface in your home, then the steam cleaners are what you need. They can be applied while cleaning the kitchen, your furniture, doors, carpets, car interior, etc. You only need to make use of different attachments for optimum results across all the surfaces.

Wrap Up!
You have fully understood how effective carpet steam cleaning is for your home. If you need good results, you should give this a try.

Preventive maintenance
Why wait until your carpets are heavily soiled to be cleaned? Preventive maintenance is the best way to preserve your home carpets. Call now to schedule an appointment with one of our specialists. We also strive to offer all of our customers the best quality service at an affordable price.