Movein / Move out cleaning

Most agree that moving is a herculean task, owing to the stress and time it enforces. From changing your address in all the documents, to transporting things to the new location or even getting the things in that perfect apple-pie-order, moving is an indeed rigorous task. To top it all, you always have to ensure that the house you are leaving behind is tidy enough to be sold and or hired and simultaneously the house you are moving to is spic and span awaiting your entry. We know what amount of effort energy it requires. But you can do the moving job with an absolute ease, if Maids on demand is by your side. We take the burden off your shoulder: the burden of pre-moving and post-moving cleaning.

Count on us.

Our team of skillful and trained cleaners makes sure you leave a speckles house. So much that the new inmates might sit to wander, if it is newly build. Besides, with the growing concern revolving around environment, we take pride in using natural and environment friendly products for cleaning. Effectively equipped as the best cleaning service, Maids on Demand is entirely customer oriented.

More reasons to choose us.

• We provide our cleaners with first-rated training programs, only to ensure that you receive but the best in terms of quality.
• We provide you with a thorough screening process.
• Aided with years of experience, we harp on trust and loyalty.
• We offer different frequency bound cleaning services, giving you the luxury to choose the one that best suits your requirements. Visit our website, to go through the various packages and select the one you wish to have.
• We adhere to staunch standards of quality.