House cleaning & Maid Service

We have seasoned with the years of experience on house-cleaning and maid services in Dubai. We believe weekends are solely meant for fun and recreation. Therefore, with our best maid services at Maids on Demand, we assure you with all the time you ever wished with your dear ones sans the worries about your nest. Besides, our cleaning services are nothing but extraordinary, blame our skilled cleaners. From vacuuming your rugs to even something as easy as wiping down tables and chairs in your bedroom, we do it all like ABC.

House Cleaning Services: What can you expect from us?


Washrooms, as we were all taught back in school days, must be spic and span. At Maids on Demand we solely focus on cleaning those items and places, which are always ignored and are mostly overlooked by the other cleaning service agencies. Few of those services include cleaning of faucets and cleaning of toothbrush holders and soap cases, dusting of vents, cleaning of window sills.


After a hectic schedule at workplace, all we need is a warm and cozy bedroom. We know you have a wish for a goodnight sleep on a laundered bed followed by a speckles bedroom space. Thus, our team of expert cleaners do their utmost best, to gift you with a bedroom that is as neat as a button with our far reaching services including wet washing chair rails, dusting lampshades, changing of old linens into an unblemished one, swiping of fingerprints from door frames and light plates etc.


We believe in tidy kitchen spaces not only because of food hygiene but also because of the good vibes that cleanliness give birth to, when you are cooking. Our special kitchen cleaning includes the wiping of knick-knacks, dusting of vents, washing of baseboards, emptying of trash, cleaning of countertops, dusting of light fixtures, wiping of cabinet fronts and etc.

Maid service in Dubai

We understand how difficult it is to build a trust on somebody who would be at your house 24/7. Therefore, we own 100% certified maids with guaranteed top-notch service in UAE. At Maids on demand , we supply you with the best of helps and staffs who in turn reiterates that you get all the time to yourself and for loved ones, while they look after your house and take care of everything which necessitated your attention and weekends.