One off cleaning services

One Off Cleaning Service in Dubai

With our far-reaching one off cleaning services, we pledge to clean your house and make it neat as a whistle. We perceive the difficulty faced by the working ladies, pregnant women and busy moms who finds it of extreme difficulty to reach certain places in the house for the sake of cleaning. Gone are those days, when you would have to climb the ceiling and fan too wipe the stubborn dirt. At Maids on Demand, we reach the most difficult places in your house to swipe it clean and gift your house the much desired sparkling look.
Let us know about your time preferences or fix our cleaning service with a stipulated time. We would work accordingly with our efficient set of cleaners and staffs.

Our One Off Cleaning Services basically comprises of Three Packages:

I.  One package involves cleaning of wardrobes(in and out), kitchen deep cleaning(covering benches, oven, fridge etc), dusting of window sills, cleaning of door and handle frames followed by laundry tub cleaning, washroom cleaning, clearing off cobwebs, vacuuming carpets, mopping of floors, cleaning of light fixtures, dusting of showpieces and skirting boards.

II.   Another package covers the cleaning of ceiling tops and wall cleaning in addition to the mentioned standard package.

III.   The final package includes the rigorous cleaning of ceiling and walls including the standard package services and elite package services.

Aided with budget friendly rates, these packages are anything but extraordinary. You've always been wishing for a thorough cleaning for your house but couldn't match it up with your tight schedule.

Now sit back and call on us to do the needful, while you enjoy the much planned vacation or simply feel laid back with our super specialized service. You click, we clean.

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