Your Guide on Cleaning Window Curtains

Your Guide on Cleaning Window Curtains

Window curtain cleaning should be a regular part of cleaning because it is a vital part of your overall air quality within your house and also so you can ensure the fibers don’t deteriorate over the years.

Your curtains also absorb various smells inside your house; like the smell of the food, you cooked yesterday or Cigarette smoke. This can create a negative impression if you have invited guests over at your place.

While a staple in your household décor, curtains also help dust and pollutants. Breathe easy with our curtain cleaning service. When our specialists are finished, your home will have a whole new view!

Window curtains are difficult to clean when they are very dirty. Near the window, they capture a lot of dust including the germs and bacteria present in the air. When we open or close them, we let these germs and bacteria spread and we breathe them.

Curtains can be heavy and hard to carry, let us do the hard work. We will take down your curtains, professionally clean them and deliver them back and hang them for you.

Cleaning your curtains may not be your favorite chore, but we have some useful tips that can help you keep your curtains clean and fresh. Check them out below:

  • – Vacuum your curtains as part of your cleaning routine to remove any dirt.
  • – Brush away fibers that may be stuck on your curtains.
  • – Steam your curtains to remove small stains and dirt.
  • – Shake out your curtains. This will remove dust and dirt particles.
  • – Air out your curtains occasionally and allow them to breathe.

The way you clean it will also depend on the fabric of your curtain.

When to dry clean?
Even if you are dealing with washable fabric, the inner layer and hems could wrinkle during the wash.
If you are not sure, opt for dry cleaning. Velvet as a fabric requires a different treatment. You can use Chamois cloth soaked in hot water to clean them often. You can wash silk curtains using a mild liquid detergent.

Sun damage
If you are using a machine to wash curtains and draperies, use the gentle cycle.
If you are in doubt, choose dry cleaning.
Hand washed curtains made of sheer fabric or lace curtains with cold water and a liquid detergent.
Sheer curtains should be washed regularly even if you feel they don’t need to.
Don’t be tempted to use a dryer to dry your wet curtains. This can produce creases that even ironing will not be able to remove. The best way to take moisture out of the curtains is to hang them outdoors, avoiding direct sunlight. When you let your curtains to dry out in a hanging position, it causes the creases to fall out and ironing them afterward can make them look incredible.

Steam Cleaning
You should consider steam cleaning if your curtains can sustain the steam treatment.
But in order to do that, your curtains must be machine washable. Make sure you read the labels on the curtains before you steam clean. Always wear protective clothing because steam cleaning can burn you if you don’t do so.

Managing pet hair
If you have pets in your house, you should be extra careful about pet hair because curtains can trap pet hair easily. It will be well to remove hair using a lint roller to remove fur.

Advantages of hiring window curtain cleaning experts
Curtain cleaning is a time-consuming task. If you find it difficult to take some time out of your busy schedule to clean your curtains, it would be prudent for you to hire a professional cleaner.

Also, a professional curtain cleaner would have the right set of tools and equipment which a homeowner wouldn’t have.

It would be great to see clean curtains after you return from the office. As you need not be around or need not supervise while an expert is at work. This can reduce a lot of stress-related to cleaning for you.

Although take care to hire a ‘skilled’ cleaner compared to a ‘cheap’ or ‘unskilled’ cleaner because curtains can be delicate and require a lot of care. From the fabric to the variation in maintaining them, if the cleaner doesn’t know how to maintain them, they might end up damaging your curtains. If you are looking for quality, curtain cleaning in Dubai, then refrain from hiring cheap service.

You can even cut costs because you don’t have to buy your cleaning solution, equipment, etc.

Hence, hiring a professional is always a better option for you in the long run.