A Guide on Steam Cleaning the Mattress

A Guide on Steam Cleaning the Mattress

No matter the age and circumstance, sleep is one thing that anyone would like to have after a long tiring day. You may know the best way to boost your energy for the next day is to get a good sleep not on a couch or a bean bag but on a mattress. Ever bothered to think when you cleaned your mattress last?

It is highly unlikely that there are no stains or dirt on the mattress. Even if there are no children or pets at home, you might have ended up snacking on it while watching a movie or doing your work. It is important to clean the mattress for healthy and peaceful sleep
Here are our tips and tricks to make mattress cleaning easy for you.

Steam cleaning
Cleaning can bring the thought of water and a piece of cloth. Well, water cannot be eliminated just because of its steam cleaning. You need to know what exactly is steam cleaning. The steam cleaning machines use high temperature, pressurized, steam to loosen the dirt or grease as well to kill bacteria. You may be wrong if you think steam is what cleans the mattress in a steam cleaning.Here is a fact: there are detergents that are used in the steam cleaning process, these detergents are activated by the steam from the hot water. This is how the cleaning is done.

Do It Yourself
You don’t require professionals to get your steam cleaning done. You need not depend on any professional nor do you need to spend any money, you can do it on your own.

First things first
Before you steam clean the mattress, it is better to remove the stains from the mattress. This will avoid the stained patch reappearing on the mattress after the steam cleaning is done. Know why it is important to do so. The stains are not just on the surface of the mattress but on the sponge below the top surface. The stains may come up after the steam cleaning is done after a week if in-depth cleaning is not done. Also, vacuum cleans the mattress before you steam clean as it will help you remove the dust and hair.

Set it right
Time is crucial in such chores and hence anything done should be done right at once. Things you may need to do is to remove the furniture from the bedroom. If that’s not going to be possible, you probably can use aluminum foil and wrap it on the edges or feet of the furniture. This is done to avoid any furniture absorbing any moisture while you steam clean the mattress. You can keep it wrapped for about 12 hours or so, by then the mattress would become dry as well.

Handle the steam cleaner carefully
Most steam cleaners are structured in a way that it is laid down where water can be poured at the base of the steamer. While you’re pushing the machine forward and then extract it while you pull it back, you got to ensure to pull the cleaner really slow so that you can remove as much of the water as possible. Any dampness will be a cause of the bad odor.

Choose the day wisely
There is a reason why it’s also best to steam clean the mattress when the weather is warm so that you can open the windows that will speed up the drying process for the mattress. Start cleaning early in the morning so you get enough time for drying.

Be cautious
Be sure to do the following before you do the entire cleaning process
• Follow the instruction written on the steam cleaner
• Try and use only on a sealed surface that can absorb a high amount of heat.
• Never use the steam cleaning detergents that have high fragrance, this can reduce the strong smell that may settle on the mattress.
• If you are not sure on how to steam clean the mattress, always go with professional mattress cleaning service online

How often to steam clean the mattress?
Do not worry, the answer is not going to be weekly. You need to steam clean the mattress at least once in a month or at least once in two months at max. Never forget to flip the bed and repeat the cleaning process.

What to do post cleaning?
You can choose fabrics that are the water-resistant layer that keeps the liquids and allergens getting to the mattress. Do not miss to follow the same process to the pillows while you steam clean your mattress.